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D65 Battery Cables

Could somebody please tell me the size of the battery cables for my D65. And also what is the proper mounting place for the ground cable. My ground cable is attached to the frame,however I don't feel this is right as there is no ground strap to the frame from the engine. I would really appreciate some help on this.
Thx Lawrence

Re: D65 Battery Cables

I have not seen a D65 but I have an original '31 619 frame that still has the flat braided ground strap attached to the frame right beside the battery holder that was under the floor board. I'd guess they'd all be pretty much the same(?)
Wayne Farrand

Re: D65 Battery Cables


Looking at the wiring diagrams in our tech page, it appears that only our earlier A-22 Durants have a secondary ground strap running from a ground lug on the starter to the frame... I would suspect that your D-65 is dependant on your motor mounts for engine ground...Battery cable run in size from #6 to 4/0, 6 volt requires a heavy cable (#1-1/0-2/0)or a cable that measures 1/2" or more in diameter should work fine...I often make my own battery cables from heavy welding lead and use solder on lugs and ends...If you think you may be having a ground problem try running a second cable from where your battery cable grounds to the frame to one of the starter mounting bolts. Bill

Re: D65 Battery Cables

Thanks for the informtion. I will do as suggested.Because I know there is a problem. Although it may be with the cables themselves as they are very light. I'll make a change and see what happens.


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