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battery box

Has anyone got a picture of the battery box for my 1930 durant deluxe rumble seat coupe -model 6-14?
I would like to be able to put a battery in and try to start the thing --have to see if it will run
How are they built ? wood or tin --I have the material just need the know how . I can build a box -but am wondering how the floor boards go in after . I dont believe the whole floor has to be lifted to get at the battery so must be some kind of support for the boards
Thaks guys

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Re: battery box

Hi Ken,

When I got my car what was there was a combination metal strap/wood box barely holding the battery in. Basically there was a 1 or 2 inch metal strap rectangle fastened to the frame brackets with rivets. the rectangle was slightly larger than the top of a 6V battery. From the main strap there were smaller metal straps hung parallel and perpendicular to the frame to form a basket. at the bottom there was a piece of wood to sit the battery. Don't know if this was original...

I found that to be pretty flimsy so I replaced mine with an aftermarket plastic battery box they sell in car parts places. With a tiny bit of trimming I was able to fit it in the original location. the box is black and does not show or affect the original look of the car. I also feel safer that I wont loose the battery during a cruise.

There is an access plate in my floor board about the size of the battery that is held in by small metal clips in each corner. The cover board just sits in the opening.

If you wnat me to try to get a couple of pictures, e-msil me.


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Re: battery box

Hi Ken. The original 614 Durant car only had a metal band hanging off the frame on the driver’s side and a couple rods and no wood anywhere. Not a good design. You can get a red painted Jeep gas can holder from almost any modern car parts store that most battery’s will fit in that and it has a flange extending up on one side to bolt it with spacers onto the inside of the frame. Real simple and strong and rear cheap at about $8.00 and already painted with very heavy red paint. The best thing to do for the flat part of the floor is to cut it to fit the whole area out of ¾” plywood and just cut a lid out bigger than the battery and screw some flat pieces of metal around two opposing sides underneath the floor boards for the battery access lid to lay on. Presto done and works great. Can send you some pictures of a existing battery (Jeep gas can holder) box up under one of my cars if anyone would like. Lance Haynes

Re: battery box

many thanks guys --From the info I got and a bit more thinking I have got the problem solved --I made a box out of 22 gauge metal --and a short piece of angle iron welded to the side will hold my floor boards in place . the lid will be easy after that --thanks again --
Sure is a good club --everyone seems to be helpfull

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