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Driving Miss Durant

I'm thinking about adding Video to this website next year. I'm running a test using a short movie of my roadster being taken on a test drive.

What do you think?


Re: Driving Miss Durant

Here is a longer slideshow (no sound) of the Antique Autos in History Park event in San Jose, California 2005. Please allow time to load.

Rick Botti

Re: Driving Miss Durant

Rick: I got the first one OK It was great but short. Car sounds good in second gear, no sound in high.
This would be a great feature to show people how to do things.
Merry Christmas

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Re: Driving Miss Durant

Rick,I really like the video short but more then just a photo.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 star coupster

Re: Driving Miss Durant

If this is the way of the future go for it. I'm not really interested. I have slow dial up and would find it a waste of time. In my area all i can get is slow dialup. What is the reason for you wanting to do this anyway?

Re: Driving Miss Durant

Hi Rick......

Great idea, my slow dial up at home doesn't work well , but it's still interesting.

How did you film the roadster ride? I can imagine some one hanging on for dear life !

Frank ---

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Re: Driving Miss Durant

Rick, Great idea. I'd love to contribute a video of my 29. I am very envious of your second gear. Mine sounds like a sack full of cats fighting. This could give many members a chance to see and hear what their cars will look and sound like when they get them on the road.


Re: Driving Miss Durant

Hi Rick
I think it is a great idea, particularly haveing sound.For us guys out of the US who rarely get the chance to hear other cars running it helps to compare even if only to confirm that we both have the cats fighting in 2nd gear.
regards barry

Re: Driving Miss Durant

The purpose of this test is to find different ways to share information. In the future maybe we can make our own "How To" DVD's, maybe we can share short video clips like these or make a slideshow with narrative. The point is to try something new that might help get another car back on the road.



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