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Re-finishing body parts

Hi Folks- I will be refinishing the body parts on my '28 M2 soon. Newbie question- Is soda blasting the best option to remove the old paint or a chemical bath? I have a really good pot sandblasting outfit- Is it possible to charge the pot with soda, and if so, do I need special nozzles,etc. For cost considerations, I would like to do the blasting myself if at all possible. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Re-finishing body parts

If you have the small gravity sand pot, use it with brick sand, sweep it and sift with a window screen. It works better with reuse. It's slow but works very well. I don't think soda will remove the rust. Chemical dip will be fairly expensive.

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Re: Re-finishing body parts

Hi just to give my two cents worth.When sand blasting be very carefull to give some distance from your part to the nozzel. Blast on an a angle.Heat from the air presure and sand will cause distoration of the metal.Do not try to blast off all the paint and rust at one shot.Take your time.[THE WOLFMAN] P/S I live in Holland Landing if you need any help and my cell # is 289-231-9653

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Re: Re-finishing body parts

i am no expert, but....all my friends use media blasting on body sheet metal because the sand and an amateur hand will destroy and distort sheet metal....chemicals are better in a beginners hand. talk to a media blaster expert and see what you can learn....heavy metal like frames and brackets are no problem but sheet metal is like egg shells if sand blasted....just what i learned when researching for my car....regards, gary k

Re: Re-finishing body parts

Read some of the reponses at "autorestorer.com", look under Resto Talk Q$A, Paint and Body, for a little insite.

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Re: Re-finishing body parts

I use a fine #60 or a #70 sand, I think part of what will warp sheet metal is using too coarse of sand which will actually pien the metal...Bill

Re: Re-finishing body parts

In forty years I have done all five methods and here is my opinion. 1. Sand blast your frame and running gear once it is a apart. Do not blast around the running gear if you are not going to take it apart. Sands gets every where. I have a sandblaster and have done a lot of blasting and still ruined sheet metal. It is not worth the risk because once ruined it is gone. I bead blast small items in a cabinet and it works fine. 2. Soda Blast will not remove rust or old bondo. It is gentle but that is the drawback. I did a corvett body and it was excellent to use (expensive). 3. Acid dip is my favorite when you can flush all cavities and seams and neutralize. If you do not it will leach out and ruin the paint. 4. Aircraft Paint stripper work great but messy and doesn't remove rust. Use Navel Jelly to remove the rust. 5. DA with 80 grit works well on the outside which is where the paint it. Pick your posion but I recomment not using sand blasing on sheet metal.


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