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door handles on a 32 6-14 sedan

I haven't a clue how one copies or puts pic's in this forum. Even my son who's a PC teck doesn't know. I'm contemplating buying a Canadian 1932 Durant 6-14. It has the J serial number so 1932 and probably one of the last 6-14's. By then Dominion Motors was putting any and everything on cars to get rid of stock. Durants mixed with Frontenacs and vice versa. So far I have determined this car has 30 / 31 6-14 parking lights, 1931 6-19 outside door handles (same as Waynes in the pics), probably 31/ 32 Frontenac pulls for C,T,S. Taillight seems to be 32 / 33 model ? It's the inside handles I haven't seen before. You can view them at my son's web http://www.sticknick.com/pics/durant.jpg If I get the car I will need the outside key one and possibly at least one of the inside ones. Car is piled high inside with junk / garbage so viewing is limited. Owner has had it since at least 1961 and hasn't touched it. It was outside before that so you can imagine the roof wood. Durant never did seem to seal seams to stop water leakage.

Do You own a car built by Durant? not yet but after a 1932 6-14

Re: door handles on a 32 6-14 sedan

Go to photobucket.com , free signup, free photo hosting.
When you get all that done, simply log in to photobucket, click 'browse' and select the photo file on your computer. Then click 'upload'. You now have your photo on their server. Be sure to size the pic for email or 50kb or less, otherwise it will be to big for the forum.
When you post a message on the Durant forum, go to your photobucket album, chose your pic, highlight and copy the "tag' field, go back and paste in your Durant message box either below or above your message.
Now, select "preview message" to make sure everything worked out, and select "post message".
If no pic shows up on "preview", delete what you have previously pasted and copy the 'img' field on photobucket. Some web pages/browsers will use one or the other.

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Re: door handles on a 32 6-14 sedan

thanks ..lets give it a try. How cool.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? not yet but after a 1932 6-14


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