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Durant Tail light Question

I'm posting this excellent question and observation by DMAC member Ricardo Colombo in Argentina. This is an example of the type of information we all need, so any help, observations you can offer would benefit the entire club.

Rick Botti

One issue that had confused me is the type of tail light used in different Durant vehicles. I noticed in the pictures section and in Durant products locally, that tail lights are of different models. There are very few shots of the cars where you can see a detail of the tail light, that make this a little bit more difficult to define.

The attached schematic drawing shows the different types I've seen. In some cases the word "STOP" is engraved in the glass, and in some of these cases the word is in yellow.

I imagine that as the tail light is rather exposed to accidents, as the years passed, many were replaced by different available units independent of the original item.

The numbers indicate the model in which I have seen the different tail lights. I have seen the first one in several Chevrolet models and the second one in A Fords, but all of them have been seen in Durant products of the indicated years.

An interesting issue is that in electric diagrams no not appear a stop light switch and circuit, so the partition of the tail light for tow different purposes should not be justified.

Best regards Ricardo

Re: Durant Tail light Question

Algunos modelos de vidrios venian gravados con la marca del vehiculo (star-rugby).He visto un lente trasero ovalado (del tipo chevrolet) con la inscripcion rugby gravado en relieve , cuando se encendia la lampara de freno se leia la palabra ``STOP´´.
Tengo una foto del lente por si les interesa.

Saludos , Nicolas Scaparone

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Re: Durant Tail light Question

Which roughly translates to;


Some glass models stamped with the mark of the vehicle (star-rugby). I have seen a back lens made oval (of the type Chevrolet) with the stamped inscription rugby in relief, the brake lamp had the word ``STOP´´. I have a photo of the lens in case it interests to you.

Greetings, Nicholas Scaparone

Re: Durant Tail light Question

members note: this is what we are collecting the parts photos and pictures for...so i can put out a comparative folder for each part to the different models we have....lets take those pictures and send them to gary k at "froggysrod@comcast.net"

this is our year to photograph parts>>>

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