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Flint Depot Hack

What do you guys think about the Flint Depot Hack that's for sale on Ebay now? Do you think it was an original period custom body or a later shop chop? I was not aware that Flint offered any Depot Hacks, but I do know that they could have sold the chasis to a body builder who would put the hack body on. Whomever did it it sure looks very professional and well built. Anybody know the history of this car?

Re: Flint Depot Hack

For those who didn't know, there are copies of aftermarket body catalogs at this website:


They are mostly for Ford and Chevy Trucks. There were several suppliers that could have built the Flint body in it's time period.

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Re: Flint Depot Hack

That body looks a lot like a Mifflinburg. Take a look at Bob Krause's 27 Star with a Mifflinburg body.
The conpany that started the Depot Hack body concept was Cantrell out on Long Island in about 1915. They did Fords, Chev's and Dodge's into the 50's. Gary

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Re: Flint Depot Hack

I emailed Ken Smith and he responded that he bought it from a friend who had restored it in the early 1960's. Both Ken and the original restorer feel that it is an original body from the time period. If you look over the pictures he has on Ebay, you can see that the body is definately of quality construction and done very well. I'm sure this is a very very rare bird for sure!

Re: Flint Depot Hack

I see the Flint isn't listed on Ebay any more. Did someone in the club buy it?


Re: Flint Depot Hack

During the twenties there wasn't even a handful of car manufacture that offered a depot hack, almost all deopt hacks where built by secund party body builders. Many manufacturers offered chassis with cowels and finders that could be made into depot hacks. Ford didn't even make it's owm bodies until 1928 with the Model A.

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