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Engine Rebuild

I am starting the restoration of my 25 Star with the engine. Wanted to do a complete rebuild but have found no one local that could do the bearings. And what I have found out this can be quite expensive. My clearance the rods were at .003 and my mains, after removing the shims were at .002. The journals were out of round by .0005. The cylinders have a taper of .010. The end play on the crank shaft is .015. My crankshaft will need to be reground. My question is what is the specs on these engines?

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Re: Engine Rebuild

This shop has fair prices and good work, they've done the bearings in my 14L.

Harkin Machine Shop
903 42 Street
Watertown, SD 57201
605 886-7880

Rick Botti

Re: Engine Rebuild

I too have had work done by Harkin and have been very pleased with their work.


Re: Engine Rebuild

Isn't Kenyon doing or did your engine rebuild with the help of Lance's watchful eye. How have they been to work with?

Re: Engine Rebuild


Kenyon Machine had Harkin do my bearings and have been good to work with. My crankshaft was sent out to be reground, it was badly wornout. If Lance reads this maybe he could go into better detail than I.


Re: Engine Rebuild

Kenyon Machine Shop is a real old facility that knows how to rebuild these older engines like ours. They also upgrade a lot of things by changing the timing cover to take a replaceable double lip modern seal, getting the cam reground to higher lift for more power and making there own seal blocks for a good seal on the rear of the crank shaft. They are real picky about the work and give me special low pricing. They also run and test all there engines they rebuild. They have rebuilt all the engines in all these cars I have restored and they are running all over the freeways with out one single problem. They also are club dues paying members. Yes I do mother over any club members engine finding values at a good price etc. Anyway glad to help out anyone that needs there engine rebuilt. Later Lance

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Re: Engine Rebuild

How do I contact Kenyon Machine shop?

Re: Engine Rebuild

Kenyon is in our club directory in the back of our club magazine. There phone is 858-270-2610 Lance

Do You own a car built by Durant? 5 Durant made cars that run many more parts cars.


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