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headlight reflector

A gentleman with an A-22 has asked me to locate information on replating the reflectors in his headlights. He thinks it is a topic that was covered in the "Durant Partners"?? Does anyone have something I can pass on? thanks Bob

Re: headlight reflector

I'll look through my latest Hemmings, I think I saw two places that will resilver or replate your reflectors. I'll post it when I find it.

Re: headlight reflector

Hi Bob. My plater (Bumper to Bumper) here in San Diego charges $125.00 for each reflector and that includes restoration of the reflector. It is a heavy highly polished hi quality silvering job. Just had 6 of them done. Beautiful. There is no charge for him to pick them up or delivering them back here to my house. I also got him to join our Durant club. He is only in our web site roster. If you want to talk to him his cell is 760-510-6049.
My phone is 858-560-5737. Lance Haynes

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Re: headlight reflector

I checked my latest Hemmings and on page 202, it lists a Steve's Auto Restorations Inc, 4440 SE 174th, Portland, Oregan with an add for "Resilver your dull headlight reflectors to factory specs. Phone number is 503-665-2222 and their website is www.stevesautorestorations.com also listed is Cliff's Classic Chevrolet parts, who adverstises resilvering your auto mirrors. they are also located in Portland Oregan, and have a phone number of 503-667-4329. I would think that if they do mirrors, they could do headlight parts also.

Re: headlight reflector

There is a much superior way to get you headlight reflectors done. There is a company in Utah, (Uvira) that does a super job. You must have your reflectors polished and nickled. Then you send your nickled reflectors to them, they will spray them with aluminium and they vacuum seal the reflector in a thin layer of glass. This gives you sealed beam efficiency with a 92 - 94% reflectivity. I had the Frontenac reflectors done in 1986 and they are still relatively good.
I do not have their address handy, but will look it up if anyone is interested.

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Re: headlight reflector

I just googled "Uvira" and got the following information

310 Pleasant Valley Road
MERLIN, Oregon, 97532-9732

Phone 541 474 5050
Fax 541 476 9096

Wm Atwood, the owner has several antique vehicles himself and he knows what he is doing. The last cost I knew of was well under $100 per reflector, but he does require your reflectors to be cleaned and nickle plated before he will touch them. He used to buff up the old reflectors, but because his business is in the medical field, he doesn't want the dirty buffing business.

If you google Uvira Plating you will find several testimonials regarding this product.


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Re: headlight reflector

I'm having my headlight reflectors for my 29 Durant done at Frankford Plating in Philadelphia, PA. They still do the original silver plating. The information is on this web page. http://www.thomasnet.com/profile/130152/frankford-plating-inc.html

I have not gotten my reflectors back so I can't tell you the quality of thier work.


Re: headlight reflector

I'm with Gordy on the uvirx process.Won't tarnish like silver (which I've heard happens pretty quickly, especially if reflectors are handled).


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