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Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

Can anyone tell me where to get the front and rear oil pan seal housings for a continental 6 cyl. 22AA engine? The front one is called a filler block in the continental book, not sure what the rear one is called. I'll bet any one of you that has had these engines apart have seen this problem. My front one is very thin, and is flaking. The rear one was cracked, and leaked. I replaced gaskets and When tightening the oil pan, you guessed it, it broke in pieces. Why did they make these things out of "pot metal"? Was it the rate of heat expansion compared to other metals? Looks to me like they should be made from steel, or at least cast iron. I have a spare engine that I removed these pieces from hoping to repair the one in my car. Well, the front one is cracked worse than the one in the car. The rear one looks ok, and will use it if I can't find a new old stock or repro. Thanks for any advice/help. Jim

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

i found a front filler block from my old 6-14 22a engine last week in a box in the garage. i will look at it again and see if it is any good. perhaps it could be used as a pattern.....if anyone is interested give me an email....gary k

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

p.s.....thereis a bolt holding them that must be undone from inside the pan...most people must pull at it or pry it and it breaks....gary k

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

I think the one I have can be used for a pattern if I have to go that way. You are right Gary, about the bolts. There are 3 bolts from the bottom of the timing chain cover to remove, 2 screwdriver slotted screws vertical inside, and 1 countersink head slotted screw from inside toward front of block to be removed.

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

I believe that Mike Butters has repro filler blocks for the 22AA engine.

His email address is: nbutters@eagle.ca

Phone 1 905 372 6926

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

I rebuilt a 14-L Continental which uses only the "rear main bearing filler block" with a lip seal in the front. Had a top notch machinist make one from a solid block of aluminum. Fits perfectly and does not leak, but only about 2 hrs of test running to date.
Mine is 2 pieces, an upper & a lower. Each different, bottom held in place with 2 bolts. Ray

Re: Oil pan seal supports aka "filler block"

Update on my Durant delima, its all back together now, Hurrah! The rear one from my spare engine was ok, and my original front one was resuable, although hairline cracks, and some chipping. But the seal surface was ok. I will still be looking for a repro front and rear seal pcs. for my spare engine. Thanks to all who gave advice and info. Jim


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