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1928 Durant 65

I am thinking of buying a project I saw and want to know what these things are going for restored to original condition.

It needs a top for sure but the body is sweet except for 2 missing door handles for the rear doors, the rest is all there. That vaccum fuel pump don't work either. Are there replacement parts for the inside of it?

Re: 1928 Durant 65

Does anyone read these posts? I would think that with all the knowledge base here, someone would have answered my question by now.

I'm also puzzled as to why there is only one Durant in the Hemmings Motor News and a million of everything else. Are they that rare? Are they not as desirable as say a model A Ford? By desirable I don't mean popular by the way.

It just seems that I could do some looking and find someplace where some of these have sold to get an idea of what they go for restored, not street rodded. So far I have had no luck.

The only reason I ask is that I don't want to get burned and pay too much for a project only to restore it to original condition and have it not be worth the effort and lose my butt should I need to sell it.

If anyone can help guide me a little I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Re: 1928 Durant 65

i am surprised you did not get a response. this is a very voice-iferous group. Durants are not "vvaluable cars...they are among the orphan makes of the early car years...1921 thru 1932-34. They cost as much to restore as any car does and there is a reasonable amount of readily available information on how to restore them from this club to its members..shared daily and freely as the technical section of the website will show. What are they worth?...what ever you can get...I have seen fully and correctly restored Durants go for $7000 and the rarer tourings and roadsters for much more...even one for $40,000 plus. A star touring street rod is now for sale for $40,ooo plus in the auto trader monthly national mag.
Most cars aRE OFFERED FOR $5-7000 UNRESTORED AND IN VARIOUS STATES OF COMPLETION OR COMPLETENESS. Many are sold for $2000 to 3000....actual sales. a good price would be one that you can easily afford for a car that was reasonably complete. Just like ford and chevy, etc. it is the buyers interest that sets the value. If you are a good negotiator you may come away cheap....I paid less than I expected for two durants that need much and total restorations, but the sellor was motivasted and was only trying to recoupe his investments. So, I hope that you get some help from this info. No doubt the other members will chime in if you keep checking the website for a few dats. How about it Durantonians? Any other opinions?

Re: 1928 Durant 65

Yes Tim a lot of people read this site however. If you are concerned about what it will cost than I think you might have missed the boat. Pay what you feel is worth your time to enjoy what we enjoy as a hobby. If you are unsure of what things should cost look and compare price. Are Durants rare I never heard of one till I turned 50. Now I own one and there is another 10 miles away and another 5oo miles from it. I hope this answers your question?

Re: 1928 Durant 65

I have a 1925 Star model F touring that my father and uncle dug out an abandoned mine in 1959, so my father and I have been watching Stars and Durants for nearly 50 years. They were very popular in the mid to late 1920’s but over the years they have become forgotten. Fords have always been popular because of abundance of parts available to keep them running. They have also been popular with hot rodders, because of this many Fords were save from the scrap drives of the World War II years. None the less, this hobby is to enjoy the preservation of old cars, whatever make you are lucky enough to find. Anything that has survived for 8o years is worth saving. The enjoyment for me is knowing that I have something that is unique and fun to play with and drive. If you’re looking to make money the old car hobby probably is not the place to look, usually the costs are more than can be recouped wither it is form a Ford or Packard or a Durant

Re: 1928 Durant 65

Thanks folks that is what I was after. I am not in it for profit at all. I too have never heard of one till a month ago and I stumble on a complete car. The only thing missing are the rear door handles on the outside.

It's all original and the headliner is perfect. I would be interested in it to save it as someone said, I'm an old softie when it comes to this type of thing and would never consider making a hot rod out of one of these. It's not far from the painting stage it's that straight and I'd love to drive that thing to work one day; what a hoot!

I just didn't know what would be a reasonable price to pay and needed experienced people for guidance to keep from spending too much. As we all know there are people that way over value what they have for sale and I do not want to pay $5000 for a project that is only worth that much restored.

I can't justify that. I can go and buy an antique Winchester, strip it and sit in my studio for a month hand engraving it and double the value of it, that justifies the initial purchase, at least to the wife .

If I can negotiate the price a little as the engine seems frozen I'll do it if you guys think that is a fair price as far as what you've collectively seen these projects go for. Model A Fords are a dime a dozen with parts all over the place so I have no interest in them; this seemingly uncommon Durant is right up my alley. Luckily I won't have to search all over to find parts to make it complete. What do ya'll think?


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