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Hand Crank - Starting

My 26 Star R Coach has an electric starter that works well -- and it appears there is an opening in the lower radiator cowling for a crank. Where might I locate a crank? And, any tips on what or not to do with it? Thanks, Ron

Re: Hand Crank - Starting

You do have a place for a hand crank but you probably never want to use it. It belongs in the tool kit. I have been hand cranking Model t for 40 years and unless you relly have to you do not want to. Can you spell broken arm.

Re: Hand Crank - Starting

Ron... I've got to agree with Jan on this one! Nobody wants to use a handcrank if they don't need to, but it is a nice item to have in your tool kit. If you have a picture or dimensions of the proper crank for your car... I might be able to help as I have about 20 cranks tossed in a box back in my storage building.

Re: Hand Crank - Starting

Jan, Jim et all: Your advice is sensible and appreciated. My electric start works perfectly. And with a AAA card and the 100 mile tow option, I'd never need to use a crank. Just a matter of nostalgia I suppose. Thanks for the advice. No need to gather more stuff. Cordially, Ron

Re: Hand Crank - Starting

A hand crank is a valuable item to have in your tool kit. Really helpful when you are timing the car and just want to turn the engine over slightly. I have started the Frontenac with the crank, once when I broke a bendix spring in the starter.


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