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depot hack model c1923

I am sorry my engish is not to good.I did a mistake. What I want to know how the dash panel instruments is make. If somebody have a picture I would like to see it. Thanks you

Re: depot hack model c1923

Louis: I just checked out your photos and you are doing an outstanding job in your restoration. There are several other 1923 Stars also in the photograph section. If you contact anyone of them they can send you pictures of the dash board and the instruments. Rember if the hack was built by an independent builder the dash may not be the same as the factory built on. You are going to have a beautiful car when completed. I am currently restoring a 1923 Dodge screenside pickup for my wife and grandkids who can not wait for completion. Lots of luck

Re: depot hack model c1923

I thought we had a member with an original 1923 Mifflinburg depot hack body. Maybe this member could take a picture for Louis? Does anyone know of this member?
Louis does beautiful work (I have seen it in person) and wants his original 1923 depot hack to be exactly as it was when it was new.
The depot hack has a wooden dash which is nothing like any of the metal dashboards that exist on the normal Star cars of the time.
I think he tried to contact the Mifflinburg museum (which is online) to ask them about this, but for some reason he is under the misunderstanding that it was not made by Mifflinburg. There are some images on this site of model T Mifflinburg bodies, but the dash board is not the same. I have an original brochiure, and the side view or the dash looks different than that of the Model T.
See the Mifflinburg TIMELINE link which I have placed in the "My webpage" sections of this post.
or try this:

Where Are You From? www.enquip.com/Timeline.html

Re: depot hack model c1923

Did you get the photos I sent you via email. It was of the dash of an originally restored Star mail truck? Let me know if you did not get them, I'll resend them.

Re: depot hack model c1923

Thank you Jan and Carol
Mike you should received my email I was very please for the pictures you sent to me. Louis


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