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East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

I got back yesterday from the ECC meeting in Williamsburg and man what an event. I want to thank Frank & Yates for helping make a great event for all Durantonians! The cars were great, the swap meet was fantastic and Friday nights meeting was very educational on where the DMAC was going in the future and upcoming future changes that will definately lead the DMAC forward into the future. Picked up some new members for the ECC which puts us well over 60 members now. I hope everyone had as much fun as I had. Nice to see all the old friends. Can't wait for the next one! See you in Canada in September!

Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA


Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Just got home a few minutes ago. We also had a great time and I am also looking forward to September. Thanks Frank for showing me your collection of cars.

Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Hi ALL.......


What a great meet. Just goes to show what a dedicated group of people can do when they put their minds and hearts into some thing .

This was truely our best meet ever, and what fun. If you wern't there you missed a lot such as:

Who were those "Ladies?" hanging onto the running boards of the Star touring circling the parking lot ? Yes we have pictures

The great Milton family portrait

How many heads and arms can you get under the hood of a 614 Durant at one time?

Ed's system for getting rare parts made for some Coors Light !

That roudy bunch getting thrown out of the lobby

Bert's many stories that always start with "now stop me if you've heard this one"

The Ladies many shopping excursions and great finds

Why you can only get two orders at the Wendy's drive thru.

Lunch and dinner at Cracker Barrel in one sitting

The trips to the John Deere dealer for much needed parts

And that's just the begining. If this sounds like something you might enjoy all are welcome to join us for our next great adventure.

This is why the ECC keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Enjoy.........Frank ---

Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

WOW...What a great meet in Williamsburg. First time in my 71 years I have been thrown out of a lobby. Thanks to all of you for a great time. My son, Mike has even decided to join. No trophies, no banquet, just great fun. The Friday night meeting was also very enjoyable and educational.
As they say in the South - "Thanks y'all"


Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Yes Yates Not since Lord Cornwallis and the British Army invaded the virginia Penisula and we colonists threw them out (No offence to our British members) has anyone else came and taken Williamsburg like the East Coast Chapter of the DMAC. Up everynight till 1:00 AM talking Durants, swaping stories and photographs, and yes even getting thrown out of the lobby at 10:30 PM for being to noisy. I guess the guests just weren't use to hearing such laughing and talking. No sense of humor! What a great bunch of people. You are all #1 in my book!

Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Flying into the East Coast and meeting many new faces was quite an experience. The night that we got thrown out of the lobby was the night I was tired and had already told all the lies twice. Thanks for such a great time. We will never forget all of you.
Best wishes, your out-going VP.

Re: East Coast Chapter meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Larry and I had the greatest time with all of you!! It is like coming "home" to our durant family. Williamsburg was a great spot, many thanks to Doris for doing the legwork, and For Frank and Mike who made it an informative few days. And to Gloria for her great work on our little newletter. And all the other unsung heros out there. You all are just a part of what makes it what it is today. It was great to see our VP Bert and Sonja. Thanks for all those who traveled so far, even with the price of gas these days...PS. annjean.. cant wait to get to another giant sized antique mall with you at the next meet!!
I have a few photos to send to Rick to post , my pictures didnt come out the greatest for some reason, I think there was just too much sunshine !

I hope all of you will forward some images so The other club members can see how great out meet was.

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