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Instrument panel finish

On the 1931 - 32 Durants and Frontenacs, the instrument panel around the gauges was finished in a type of crinkle paint. The Durant's were a brass colour, and the Frontenac's were silver.
I would like to be able to refinish mine, but have been unable to find anyone who can tell me how to do it. The nearest that I can describe the look is "a frosted windowpane on a cold winter morning" I would assume that you would start with a silver or gold base and then cover with something that would react with the base coat to give the frosty appearance.
Anybody seen anything like this? Suggestions?

Re: Instrument panel finish

Hi Gord
Dont know how much help this is but there is a paint out that crinkles by itself --No additives or anything . A friend uses it at times and gets it at a paint shop . Maybe try your local paint dealer I will ask him where he gets it when I see him next
good luck

Re: Instrument panel finish

The Dash on my 29 model 60 came with gold wrinkle finish. I was able to reduplicate the finish by first spraying the area with a wrinkle paint. For larger wrinkles, let the paint cure for 24 to 48 hours, for thinner wrinkles place the dash in your oven (don't let the wife find out) until the paint starts to wrinkle, then pull the dash and let it cure for 24 to 48 hours. The curing time is important because if the wrinkle paint isn't thoroughly dry, there will be a chemical reaction that will require you start over from scratch. Next spray your color coat and let dry for another 24 hours.


Re: Instrument panel finish

Hi All

Wrinkle paint is used by a lot of antique radio restorers.

If you haven't checked out Antique Electronic Supply yet go to their web site at www.tubesandmore.com

They also sell kits for electroplating small parts and a lot of interesting stuff. When you go to their site click on cabinet restoration supplies.

Hope this helps......Frank ---

Re: Instrument panel finish

This really is not a wrinkle paint. This is flat, where crinkle (wrinkle) paint is rough. This just looks like a frosted glass with the frost pattern. I believe you would have had to paint a silver base then another paint on top that reacted with the first.

Re: Instrument panel finish

Wal-Mart has it.


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