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Rugby Touring M2

Some questions about a restoration project of a Durant Rugby Touring M2 early 1928 , maybe end of 1927, i don´t know because it hasn´body plate as you can see in
http://www.durantcars.com/registry/rugby/Rugby28NoID01/Rugby28NoID01.shtml as the car was before start restoration

The original color is dark green body with black fenders

1) Dash panel color?

2) Upholstery color and material ?

3) Somebody have a picture / drawing or spare of pieces where rest the structure of top
In Touring bodies
Probably part number 22849 Top Holder and 20413 Top Holder bushing 3519 Top Strap

4) a source for rear and front brake adjusting nuts parts 22917and 23539

Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Walter,

I have a 1929 Touring Model 60 Durant. It looks alot like your 1928 Rugby. I currently have the body off the frame and am completely restoring it. It seems there are not many tourings in these years. I Wish you well in restoring your Rugby. I'd be interested in getting progress reports.

Leonard Burkholder

Re: Rugby Touring M2

THanks for your response , next week we are finishing paint for all car , and i`m going to take picture to my folder of project stages , ad will send you

Do you know what color and material was your original Upholstery ?


Re: Rugby Touring M2

Dear Walter:

As far as I know 1928 Rugbies exported to Argentina had the upholtery made out of a material that in our country was called "hule" I conserve part of the original material of my car. In my case was dark brown colour with some design with darker small elongated specks simulating like a fur. That material had a cloth back and "elastic" cover similar to present vinils, bur with age got rigid and cracked.

Some brochure of convertible Durant products I have, mentioned genuine leather, so I decided to use leather instead of vinil as the "hule" if found will not last very long.



Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Walter,
I am planning to do my interior in a dark Leather. The reason I am restoring this 1929 Durant Touring is because my grandmother, who is now 93, had a car like this when she got married. She is not 100% sure, but she says the interior was dark, maybe black, and leather.

Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Leonard.
what about your parts where rest the structure of top ? could you send me pictures?


Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Walter,
My car does not have a bracket to hold the top, when the top is down. I was am not sure why it does not. Does your car have one? Frank Witkowski, a member of the Durant club, has an earlier Star touring, his car has a bracket to hold the top. Frank gave me one of his brackets to take to a casting foundry. I plan to have some made.

Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Leonard, If you find out you can have some of the brackets cast let me know as I could use some for my 23 Star Touring. Thanks, Bill

Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Walter....

If you go to the photographs section and click on Star you will find our touring car listed under 1926.

There is a picture of the top saddle clamp. This clamp opens up for the top bows .

It is the one that I gave Leonard.

These were used on a lot of cars in the 1920's. My 1920 Overland model 4 has the exact same clamp.

If you would like any better pictures let me know and I can email them to you.

Frank ---

Re: Rugby Touring M2

Frank ,
it´s exactly the part wath i'm looking for.
could you send me a more detaled picture , because i'm thinking to make a copy

there are made of steel , brass or aluminium?


Re: Rugby Touring M2

Hi Walter....

I will get some detailed pictures of the saddle clamp this week end and email them to you.

The original part is cast iron, the ones that Leonard is having made will be bronze, (I think).

Good luck with your car, if I can help with any other info just ask.....

Frank ---


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