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Sparkplug Wires

Hello everyone,

I have come to the point where I need to find new Plug wires for my W5. What I would like to have is modern day wires with a cloth outer coating. Does anyone have a clue as to where I can find such a product?
Maybe I should find out does everyone still use the original type plugs and wires that you screw down to the top of spark plug instead of the modern day ones we use now?

I have a goal set to have this Old Gal running by the end of summer and with you guys helping out I'll meet that goal.

Thanks again fellas .....

Re: Sparkplug Wires

Adam. Get a hold of Frank Witkowski in our club. He makes up the proper cloth spark plug wires and has the right spark plugs. Good luck. Later Lance

Re: Sparkplug Wires


The correct wires are 7mm yelow with black tracers. Sometimes call the color "Oak." The jacket is lacquered braid. Most of the companies that make wiring harnesses have this type wire. Besure you make all four plug wires the same length.

End conectors are split-spade type for screw-top type plugs. If you have the original coil, it uses the same connector.


By separate e-mail I will send you photo of what the engine compartment should look like.


Re: Sparkplug Wires

Try your local British car shop and ask for Lucas "bumblebee" wire. It is yellow and black and of the correct size. Often used as an 'upgrade' for stock wires. Do you dare use something British electrical in a Durant product?

Re: Sparkplug Wires

Bob, could you send me the picture of spark plug wires

I'm ending to repair my w5 and I looking for many options available here in Argentina

Very gratefully

Re: Sparkplug Wires

I have been purchasing the correct wires from RestoratioStuff but Frank does have the correct wires. If you need the plug ends there is a set for sale on Ebay under Dodge Brothers. Hope this helps

Re: Sparkplug Wires

Adam: The knurled thumb nuts are avaliable at sears hardware. Just take your plugs in make sure you get the proper thread. I am sending you a picture of an engine I am working on so you can see what I am talking about. Have a good day

Re: Sparkplug Wires

Mostly a black wire is used in the spark plug. But its always not necessary so you should be replace the spark plug wire one by one. So that you could easily avoid any type of wiring error.

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