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1929 model 70 discovered

hello Durantonians,
I have interesting news...Dave Schulte and I have tentatively identified my coupe, which was thought to be a model 66, as a 1929 model 70 standard coupe. It has a 119 inch whelbase, 4 speed transmission, cowl lights mounted lower than the model 63 (below the belt body line), and the same louvered engine hood as the 70's model. even the engine is longer than the 15L used in the 66 model by 3 1/2 " and an engine compartment of 36" length. The model 70's were believed to be never produced in reality according to the durant catalogue put out bu Terry K but we have now discovered that they must have been made. If anyone has any info on the 1929 model 70 (it is a standard coupe) I would be interested to see it. I would also like to know if anyone has a pair of front fenders that seems too long for their car...as mine has fenders that seem a little shorter than necessary. They match the model 63 sedan fenders
and may be incorrect.
Thanx, Gary Kauffman froggysrod@comcast.net

Re: 1929 model 70 discovered


Can you share some photographs of your car with us?



Re: 1929 model 70 discovered

Charlie, there is a picture of my coupe on the photo list here but it is mistakenly (my mistake) listed as a 66..Rick will correct it when he gets back to Calif. When I get it out where I can take pics I will update the pictures and add some....regards, Gary K

P>S>To update what I said above, the fenders are correct but I think the splash aprons are not factory.
I will check them when I can move the coupe to a better place in the garage.

Re: 1929 model 70 discovered

Hi Gary. Yes it looks like you have a 6-70 Coupe there. No side cowl vents on a 6-70 but it should have shutters in front of the radiator and a 248 cubic inch engine with built in factory oil filter and 119" wheelbase and 4 speed transmission. The dealer pictures I have show the same dash as my 6-66 car. I have a mint instruction manual I got from Walter Miller years ago. Paid way too much for it but would sell it to you Gary for less than I paid. Congratulations. Looks like Durant Motoirs at least built one 6-70 car. They sold for $1195 to $1495.00 in one of my colored ads I have.Good luck. Later Lance

Re: 1929 model 70 discovered

lance, would be interested in the booklet....also, did you see the other oldman found a d70 coupe also but he has 1001...the first one off the line.....i am upstaged and he has one that sounds better...mine has louvers but they are off and in car trunk at the time.

Re: 1929 model 70 discovered

Way to go Gary, Another rare one discovered! Who says all the old rare finds have been discovered. Can't wait to see it restored someday.


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