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Transmission Alignment

There is reason to believe we have a misalignment of the transmission on our 26 Star Coach. Vibration from idle to mild shaking at 35+ mph. exists. The repair manual addresses "aligners". Anyone know where to obtain them? Is there a better way of determining my diagnosis? How involved is the fix if it is alignment?

Re: Transmission Alignment

Ron I am no expert on this so excuse me if I suggest the obviouse, but it seems unlikely to me that it would go out of alignment if it was previousely ok. have you looked at the transmission mounts or prop shaft universal joints as this would give the same symtoms.I recall haveing a similar problem some time ogo on a chrysler I had which turned out to be the universal joint
Regards Barry

Re: Transmission Alignment

Hi Ron, I strongley suspect that the problem you are having is being caused by the wobel joint that is inbetween the out put shaft of the friction disc and the input shaft of the transmission. Could be worn out rubber balls. Remove your floor boards and watch this joint at idle and while under power. It should run fairly concentric without a lot of wooble. I would be happy to write up and send you the procedure for checking the alignment of the clutch out put shaft and the transmission input shaft, just need a address. Good Luck, Bruce..

Re: Transmission Alignment

Hi Ron........

I agree with Bruce, the Spicer joint is the first thing I would check.

There are 16 rubber balls in this joint, and as they age they cause vibration and rough shifting.

Not difficult to change. I sell a set of these balls and instructions for ther replacement, $32.25 plus shipping, have them in stock....

Frank ---


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