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Con rods

Hi guys, some advise please . do the conrods in a w3 engine face any particular direction . I notice there is writeing on one side of the rod. Should this face to either the front or rear of the engine or doesn't it matter.also do the bores rely on oil being splashed up on them from the crank for lubrication or is oil fed to them in some other way.
Thanks Barry

Re: Con rods

In more modern engines there is a jet hole in the rod that squirts oil on the loaded side of the piston/cylinder. In the old Continental, the oil pump feeds into the camshaft and from there to the crankshaft. I suspect the leakage around the bearings is enough splash to lubricate the cylinders. Engines without oil pumps had little troughs at the bottom of the crankcase that the rods splashed oil from. Worked on Model T's.

Re: Con rods

Thanks cdmn
Thats pretty much what I thought but its good to have it confirmed Regards Barry


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