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32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

The old paper registry that I took over had only one 1932 DeVaux Sedan on it. That car was last known to be in Texas in the early 80's. (Not Jeff C.)
I just made contact with a man that has had the car since 2001.
In talking to Howard R. in Michigan yesterday he told me that he and the man from Texas found that car in a salvage yard in the EARLY 70's is Tenn. or Kentucky. When it was found there it was missing many parts.

Gord..what is the engine in the 32 Frontenac? Are there any extras up there in Canada. Also, does anyone have any information on any 33 Continental parts

Thanks for any help. Gary

Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

Gary. Mike Larsen has a spare DeVaux engine at his house. I don’t know if he will turn loose of it. He will not be home till Wednesday. Give him a call. No computer anymore. Good luck. Later Lance

Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

The Frontenac has a 22A Continental engine. I wish it had the Hall engine with 6 intake and 6 exhaust ports on the manifold.

Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

I have a Hall block that needs to find a home. Only a block, no manifold, nothing else.

Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

Gord and Wayne: Thanks for your reply. In talking to Howard over the last few years on the subject of the Hall engine, we don't think that all 32's had the Hall engine! It might depend on when the car was made. When Continental took over in March of 32 I don't think that Hall was still supplying engines. That is a grey area for us.
Also, this 32 does not have any seats or interior. I am thinking that the 33 Continental might be close.
The gauges are also gone but the bezel is intact.
Mike has hinted to me before that he might part with that Hall engine. The big swap meet in Portland is the second weekend in April and I will see him.
Wayne, hang on to that block if you can. This might be the summer I will come east. AACA Grand National in June and Iola in July. In fact, I just have to see the 32 Sedan in Minnisota and Howard and Myron's cars in Michigan. Gary

Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

When we had the Durant meet in Nebraska in 1994, there were seven (7)Devauxs there.

Tom Van Meeteren - Nebraska
Howard Reinke - Michigan (I think he brought 2)
Mike Larsen - Washington
Willis Schneider - Kitchener, Ontario
Lloyd Hansen - Wisconsin.
Jeff Cromeens - Texas

We had a great time. Somewhere or other there was a picture of all the Devaux's lined up together. Maybe Mike has a copy.


Re: 32 DeVaux Custom Sedan

look in the club photograph section under Devaux for "Devaux Row" picture to see the 6 cars


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