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re-stamping the ID tags?

Both my ID plates, the one on the motor and the one on the firewall are hard to read. Has any one ever re-stamped the numbers into these plates? Is so, where do you get the letters with the correct style and size? What do the guys use that buy the reproduction ID tags?
Thanks, Leonard

Re: re-stamping the ID tags?

Hi Leonard....

I think it would not be possible to restamp these numbers without it looking like that is exactly what was done. I have original plates that are very delicately stamped and others that look like a sledge hammer was used. Also the type style is varried .

On my new plates I have been stamping them with number stamps from tool supply houses that look good.

Lately I have had a jeweler friend engrave them, this gives the best look that I have found, have never had a problem with registration.

Hope this helps.....Frank ---


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