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Fuel Pressure Regulators

I installed a 6 volt electric fuel pump on my 1930 Durant and purchased a fuel pressure regulator that failed shortly after installing. Rick Botti and Bill Hoaglan recommended a Holley regulator that can be operated from 1-4 psi. The new Holley regulator has openings for 2 carburators. Rather than plug off one end why couldn't I install a guage where the plug would be so I could determine how many psi would be going to the carb?? Hope this makes sense..


Re: Fuel Pressure Regulators


There are two outlet ports on that regulator, use the port that will best line on to your carburator line and plug the other outlet port, you could however use one port to install your pressure gauge and then remove it and plug it after the initial adjustment is made, I think the general concincis is to just set the pressure on the regulator and forget them...I hooked a gauge directly on the fuel line at the carburator and adjusted it to just over 1 psi (1 psi is the minimum adjustment) You will of corse need an allen wrench to adjust the regulator...Bill

Re: Fuel Pressure Regulators

Thanks Bill..
That really helps. Don't know why I didn't think about installing at the carb. I had the idea it should be near the regulator. You saved dummy a lot of work.
Thanks again....



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