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reflecting on our website

I feel compelled to reflect on the fabulous DMAC website. I get such pleasure reading each part every evening. I cannot wait to see what is added each night to the discussion and to the other columns. Rick has done a great job setting it up and feeding it. But it is great to see how many of us take the time to have input. I wish we could have had this tool in the old days of the Durant Owners Club. We could often wait for weeks to hear from world wide members. Three cheers for Rick....Gary Kauffman

Re: reflecting on our website

Rick is tops. And he is a good good guy too. Very helpful to eveybody. I'm voting for him for president. We are all real lucky to have him in our club. He is a converted Model "A" owner and clubber. Later Lance

Re: reflecting on our website

You know guys one of the great things for us overseas members who have the Durant bug is that although Durant cars were exported they were and still are very much an american car and so most cars information and parts still reside as you would expect in the USA. As Gary said to be able to have daily contact, help and advise for us from so far away is just fabulouse. I cannot begin to tell you how much. It is a great club thanks to efforts of Rick ,Lance, Frank, Mike, jan and many members who have helped me when needed. apologies if I missed anyone. With such committment It is no wonder this club goes from strength to strength when so many fall by the wayside. My thanks to you all for makeing me feel part of something.

Re: reflecting on our website

Amen to all the above!!

Re: reflecting on our website

Remember all those letters we had to send out with SASE's in them looking for parts? Wasn't really that long ago!


Re: reflecting on our website

I would like to add my "kudos" for Rick and the excellent website. I too, like Gary can't wait to check the forum each night to see whats new. This venue has been of great help to me since I have only been a Durant owner for a couple of years. The information from members who took the time to share their experiences and advice cannot be understated. I thank all who participate. Go DMAC !!! Jim

Re: reflecting on our website

I have to add my 2 cents on this also. The Forum made it a lot easier to do the DeVaux. The late Ray Zenz was a great help. Also Steve in Canada who routed me to a great old fellow just out of Vancouver, BC (Percy) who built me a new silent timing chain.
Frank, I can't forget you also. (even thou you are a steelers fan). Gary


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