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Speedometer calculation

My 26 R Star seems to perk along quite well up to what I'm guessing is about 35 mph. It is obvious that the speedometer shows about a 10 mph higher reading than accuracy. Is there any known method of adjustment, lubricatiion or maintenance that will/might correct it? Or is it the nature of the era? Also, it seems quite happy up to the 35 mph range, but above that gets some vibrations (evident in front fenders and possibly tire balance.) Any corrective measures?

Re: Speedometer calculation

Norm Miller (563) 322-8388

Norm can recalibrate your Speedo, he has the special equipment to recharge the internal magnets and dial in accuracy. I sent mine to him and like yours, indicated was about 10 MPH faster than I was really traveling. Now it's spot on.


Re: Speedometer calculation


According my experience, you are right, front wheel balance makes a big difference in driving at 35 mph and more. I just jacked the front axle to get wheels loose and put some modern weights used for balancing wheels in the inside part of the rim; try and error until the wheel stopped randomly in any position. Driving improved incredibly in smooth roads.



Re: Speedometer calculation

One other thing that can cause a lot of vibration is in the coupler between the engine and clutch assy. If the rubber balls are worn badly, there can be a lot of vibration developed.
Also the balancing of the wheels is very helpful.

Re: Speedometer calculation

Further to what my dad said about the coupling you need to make sure that the clutch shaft and the transmission input shaft are both on the same plane.
I am not familiar with how the engine in the star R is but it is very important with any car that uses a couplig between the clutch and transmission. These cars are more than capable of 40 45mph. We have a Star brochure from 1923 "2500 miles in a Star" stating "As comfortable at 35mph slogging on back roads as 55mph on the concrete!" and this from a 1923 Star touring with a W-4 engine!

Re: Speedometer calculation

i have also been told by many mechanics over the years not to let my balls wobble...they must be balanced to avoid the erratic wandering down the road


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