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OIl and gas additives

Keeping track of do's and don'ts when playing with a 62 Cadillac and a 26 Star is sometimes confusing. I do know that Marvels Mystery Oil and Lead Additive keep the Cadillac running like new. But I am told to NOT put led additive in the Star gasoline -- but Marvels Mystery Oil seems effective in the gas and oil as directed, which I do: It seems to be running very well, and starts without hesitation. Any authoritarians around that might keep me on the right track with the good and the bad?

Re: OIl and gas additives

I caught the tail end of a program on the History Channel about the production of gasoline. I think it said that in the 20's the octane rating for gasoline was around 40 or 50 with no lead introduced to it. It wasn't until the late 20's or maybe the 30's that lead was introduced to raise the octane rating up higher. So I don't think lead additives are necessary, but we will see what those more knowledgable then me say on the forum here.

Re: OIl and gas additives

Thought I would put my two cents in.
Mike is correct in that lead was first used in the mid twenties and sold as ETHYL and wasmore money than regular gas. In fact regular gas did not have lead in it till I believe sometime in the sixties (depending on what part of the country you live in). I'm sure some one will correct me hahahaha.
The last time my dad had the engine in the Frontenac rebuilt, we asked the machine shop to put hardened seats in the block, however we were informed that these early engines came with hardened seats originally. These seats are not as hard as the ones you would install today but are perfectly acceptable for the type of driving that we do. Has he seen my dad drive?

Re: OIl and gas additives

Here's my two cents ...

Back when the Ford's were running flat head V-8's, GM developed the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 with OHV's in 1949. It had enough compression to require a higher octane then was commonly used in those days. ETHYL did the job. This thing was a rubber burner in those days!

RonJ ...

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