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Ring gear survey.

I have question for the group: how many of you have torn down and inspected the ring and pinion gears of your cars. Of those that have, how many have found the rivets that fasten the ring gear to the carrier to be loose?

The reason I ask is this, of the two axles I have, both have loose rivets. 2 for 2! The first axle was damaged because of the rivets. The second is serviceable. So, I'm wondering if this is a design flaw?


Re: Ring gear survey.

It's not a design flaw,,,, just old age! The gear set in my '23 Star had a loose ring gear but I have a tight replacement. Of note, I had a local shop repean the rivets on my loose gear but to no avial. You'll need to find a shop that can replace with new rivets.

Re: Ring gear survey.

Curtis and Don,
Have you looked at my enquiry re ring & pinion for D66 earlier this month. Any suggestions on sourcing the correct ratio;3.9
Phil D.

Re: Ring gear survey.

Phil: I can't tell you anything about the ratio. However, I can tell you that my Chilton's Automotive Multi-Guide (Spring 1931) says that following cars shared the same ring and pinion set:

'28: Durant D-55, 65, M2
'29: Durant 4-40, 6-60, 66
'25: Flint Jr.
'26: Flint Jr.
'25 Star F
'26 Star M
'27-'28 Star M and R

My '29 Durant 40, had an 8 tooth pinion and a 39 teeth on the ring gear.

According to the Multi-Guide, a couple dozen cars shared the axle housing and only those listed above share the ring & pinion set.


Re: Ring gear survey.

I know from experience that all your info on all the 29 Durant’s and the Star cars you posted do interchange. I have actually swapped a lot of these. Also all the axles are the same also. The right and left side axles are the same. Some housing look different but they still bolt up ok. No 30 or 31 Durant running gear will interchange with any older Durant made cars. BTW you can replace the rivets on the ring gear with high stress rated bolts. You can get them from a machine shop. Later Lance


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