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Correct Tire size for 23 Star

What was the factory tire size offered for the 23 Star Touring, and who has found the best place for quality and price to purchase them from?

Re: Correct Tire size for 23 Star

Mike, My 1923 has the clincher rims and the correct size is 30 X 3 1/2. I bought tires from Universal Tire. I bought their Universal Brand "T" Driver tires. I guess these are designed for Model T Fords. If you go to Terry Kulchycki's web site www.durantcars.com you will see this size listed under specifications. The original tires were listed as Fisk Premiere.

Re: Correct Tire size for 23 Star

Along these lines, the tires on my '23 Star say 4.4/4.5-21. Is this the same as a tire listed as 440/450-21? I'm learning all this stuff s-l-o-w-l-y and really appreciate all the little tidbits I pick up here!

Re: Correct Tire size for 23 Star

You are talking two different diameter of wheels here. The 30 x 3 1/2 tire fits a wheel with a 23" diameter and were the first wheels fitted to the Star. The 24 Star came out with 21 inch diameter wheels and uses the same tire as the 1926 Ford and early Model A's
A little explanation:
When you see a tire with a dimension listed as
30 x 3 1/2
31 x 4
32 x 4 1/2
all of these will fit a wheel with a diameter of 23 inches. Why? The big number ( 30 , 31, 32) is the outside diameter of the tire. The small number is the depth of the tire itself. Thus 30 x 3 1/2 means 30 inches less 3 1/2 less 3 1/2 or 30 less 7" for twenty three inches on the wheel. This is always true when you see the large number first.
Then came the next system of tire manufacture sizing
4:40/4:50 x 21 and so on
The width of the tire on the road was 4,4 inches, the depth of the tire was 4 1/2 inches and the wheel diameter is 21 inches. This system was used right up until they changed to the radial tires that we are using today.
Hope this clears up some confusion.

Re: Correct Tire size for 23 Star

Thanks Gord My questions were answered and I'm sure it helped others understand the tire sizing.

Re: Correct Tire size for 23 Star

Hi Mike The tires may also be bought from Coker tire. all so make sure that you buy flaps . Clencher tires are knowen to pinch the tube bert


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