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Duplicate Ignition Keys

Having only one simple key for the ignition of the 26 Star, I went hunting for a reserve key "just in case." After sending a photo copy of the key to an eastern company, they offered a blank for $25 each that needed to be taken to a locksmith to be duplicated. Any better ideas?

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Try with Key Men: Keys for Classics - http://www.key-men.com
they are very professional people ,cheap and fast


Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Hi All........

Finally have located a REASNONABLE source for these keys!

This is the flat key with notches both sides and a fork on the front tip. These work in the original Clum combination ignition and light switch as used on the Star and Durant,

If you have one of my replacement cylinders this is the key you need.

I am getting 50 of these made to keep the price with in reason. If you have checked anywhere for these keys you may have been flabergasted at the prices that you were quoted! I know I was.

These same keys also work on many other early cars.

If you are interested let me know..........

Thanks...Frank ---

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

I bought one of your ignition switches and would be inerested in one of the keys as well. Send info please.

Re: Duplicate Ignition Key hunt for 26 Star

Sir Frank W: I'm not sure if my car has a replacement cylinder. It would appear that it is original, and works fine. The key is flat 16 gauge steel, 1 7/8" long, 15/16" at widest on top (ring hole) width - and is as you describe - with a 2 prong fork at the end of the key. It has CLUM MILWAUKEE 3540 stamped in the face. Does this match your replacements? You may call toll free to: 1 800 Ron Hast (766-4278) as I don't think my listing is in the club roster yet. Or answer here and I'll respond. Many thanks!! Ron

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Put me down for a replacement key, as mine was lost somewhere. I still have the original Clum switch. Thanks

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Frank, If it will work on my '28 Durant M2 put me down for one, You've always helped me in the past. Thanks, Gregg

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Frank,I'll nead a key for my new cylinder.
Thanks Al

Re: Duplicate Ignition Keys

Hi All...........

Thanks for all the interest. As soon as I get these keys from the manufacture I will contact those who have expressed interest.

I will sell them to members who purchased my replacement cylinders first, so if you have one of these I will contact you.

These fit a lot of the other makes of older cars, but DMAC members will have the first choice. As soon as I have firm pricing from my manufacture I will let everyone know.

Thanks again for all the support on my Durant and Star parts, many more to come,

Also a web site with online ordering is in the works.

See you all in Williamsburg at the East Coast Meet, also will be in Canada for the Chapter meet as well as the National meet.

Frank ---


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