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Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

What was the first year that Durants or Stars started having woodgrain dash & interior trim. I've seen a 29 model 40 from Leaside with it. Was it put on the earlier year cars, and what models? How about the 30's and 31's. Most of them that I've seen are painted solid color?

Re: Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

The 1923 A-22 Durant open cars have a metal woodgrained dash....The enclosed cars have natural wood interior window and windshield frames, the dash is painted black and there is a fabric strip (same fabric as on the door interiors)that runs over the dash to the wood winshield frame....I believe the 1922 A-22 is the same...Bill

Re: Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

The 1921 and 1922 also had a woodgrained metal dash. The woodgraining was "Circassian Walnut" This was continued at least until 1929

Re: Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

Here is a added tid bit for this question, as quoted from Durnat Standard volume 10 Febuary 1986 number 4 page 7 and the text is about 1930 vehicles. Quote "The dash panel on standard models was painted black along with the garnish moldings, while delux models often had the dash painted body color and featured wood grained garnish moldings. The dash was not woodgrained on any body styles. " As an addition to club details or information the dash and all garnish moldings are wood grained om my 1933 Frontenac. Also on this same page are details of paint and color combinations for 1930 that should be added to the tech pages. Hope this info can be of use to club members. Good Luck All

Re: Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

My 1928 Durant model 75 has original woodgrained dash and interior window mouldings.
This car was perhaps one of very few models that were made for the dealer showroom. See a detailed image in the PHOTOGRAPHS section of this site. 1928 Model 75 sedan-Larry Fogarazzo.

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Re: Woodgrain dash for Durant, Star?

If you want to see a good picture of an original woodgrained dash on a 1928 Durant, go to eBay item # 4613915776
This is an excellent picture, but the opening bid requested on the car is outrageous.
The 1929 Dash is similar.


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