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Parts Needed for Star M Coupe

I am trying to build 2 Star M coupes. One, a 26 model and the other a 27 model. It seems like most parts are the same except the door latch mechanisms.
However, there are not enough small parts to complete one car much less both of them.
Parts needed at present:

1- Windshield opening trim, both sides and the bottom arch.
2- Trim strip that is fitted at top of cowl and below windshield, (2 ea).
3- Door latch striker plates (4 ea).
4- Bottom door sill trim strip, right & left, good or repairable.
5- Center door hinges (2 ea)
6- Set of trunk hinges
7- Windshield adjustment controls, right & left? I need two sets.
8- Windshiels weatherstrip rubbers, two sets.
9- Indide vent doors, (4 ea)
10- Vaccum wiper (1)
11- Trim strip that fits around top of rear body section below the rear window, (need 2ea).

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail dbax@intergate.com or call 903-793-8304 with avaliability and price.

Thanks in advance,
Don Shilling

Re: Parts Needed for Star M Coupe

Hi Don. I have two old 26 Star cowl’s with windshield frames and some doors and fenders you can have FREE. Swing by with your trailer and pick them up. They are just down below my house at Kenyon Machine Shop. He wants them out of there too. Also take the Durant and Star frames that are down there. They are open 6 days a week and late every night. Come get them.
Later Lance
PS. And stop smoking those nasty cigars.

Re: Parts Needed for Star M Coupe

I'd love to but I'm saving gas money for a possible road trim to Montana and Wyoming next summer. When's the next time you'll be in East Texas???? I'll even chip in for the gas.

P.S. I just finished a thorough physical exam and my doc said "whatever I'm doing, keep doing it". Hmmmmm,,,,,


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