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Clutch spring ?

I am working on my 1929 Durant Touring. I just got the engine completely rebuilt. Now I'm putting the car back together.

Will someone Please tell me? Is there suppose to be a spring on the clutch petal? What holds the petal from going in too far or out too far?

thanks, Leonard

Re: Clutch spring ?

Leonard. All the Durant cars I have around here have a spring hooked through a tab with hole in it above the pivot point of the pedal where you hook your spring. Thay is important as the through out bearing could be spinning a lot with the pedal ridding down a little. Not good. Hope you can find that tab cast on the pedal. Later Lance

Re: Clutch spring ?

Thanks Lance, for the information on the clutch spring. I found the spring, and the hole for it to go into, Now I have another problem. The problem is if I put the spring on the clutch petal to pull it back too far. The forks hit the grease hub, which hold the throwout bearing. Is there suppose to be something that prevents the clutch from going back too far?

Thanks again for your expert advise,


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