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Unwanted E mail

Have any of the other members been getting e mail asking if you want to sell your car or any parts of cars?? I have a hunch these are maybe hackers trying to get into my puter to plant virus or some other nasty thing . I have had three requests to buy my car --and a few for parts . Since I dont recognize the nemes I have not opened them but am concerned that they may be legitamit requests ??

Re: Unwanted E mail

Be aware that there is a scam going around where a person from some other country or place offers you more for the car than asked for and offers to pay for it by Money order or check. They say that it's for you to pay the shipper. Your supposed to cash the check and send the rest of the money back to them. The check or money order turns out to be a forgery and you get stuck by your bank. This might be what they are trying to pull

Re: Unwanted E mail

I also have received a few emails about people wanting to buy my car or parts.
They offer you a lot of money more than you asked for parts and want you to pay them the balance back.
it's called money laundring.
I think they get there emails from a website that lets you post your parts for free. the site is I think based in Alberta and there is a link on the Durant web page.

Franz Fraitzl

Where Are You From? www.vancouverdurantstarcarconnection.ca

Re: Unwanted E mail

Thanks for the feed back guys . Kind of figured it was too good to be true -I would have deleted them first thing but they did look interesting . I will sure not be trying to sell them anything.
Thanks -

Re: Unwanted E mail

you can see the mail by right clicking the mail and then properties. Then details and message source, to see what is written there. This will not open it in your pc to cause harm .We had the same question posed to us at freenet and opening mail.


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