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Thanks - and seeking wisdom....

Thanks Yates and Gordon for info leading to "dog bone and motometers." My 26 Star 6 cyl. has a 1 3/4" pipe externally threaded. All others available seem to be 2 inches. Also -- seeking wisdom: Have minor chip in "Star" emblem on front of chrome radiator housing. It seems like the entire housing and radiator must be disassembled to reach the "clip(s)" holding the emblem secure. Any experience (do's / don'ts) while attempting to solve this minor problem? The car is pure in most respects, and I don't want to chance mistakes in this project -- but the minor chip is irritating. Cordially, Ron Hast (1 800 Ron Hast)

Re: Thanks - and seeking wisdom....


You mentioned that the Star radiator filler neck is 1 1/2" NPT and that many radiator caps have a 2" threaded ID...Model A has dog bones, flip top motometer lockable caps and a variety of other caps, however they are 2" ID...Solution, machine a threaded bushing. I know of one Durant conversion and I have converted 2 early Hupmobiles, I like the Model A flip top caps and I use the Junior motometer and sandwich a pair of A wings in the middle (the threaded adapter need not be tapered)...I do however have a dog bone and a senior motometer on my '23 Durant....I know of no way that you can get at the clip that holds your radiator emblem without removing the shell from the radiator...Bill

Re: Thanks - and seeking wisdom....

Bill: Re: the 26 Star radiator "pipe" that extends upward is 1 3/4", not 1-1/2". And as you mention, only 2" seem to be around. I am wondering if there are other 1 3/4" externally threaded pipes that exist on other similar Stars. Will be going to the Model A meet in Turlock this weekend -- hoping to find something. May be an effort in futility. Your machining of the adaptor may be the only solution, but would rather have a 1 3/4" unit if possible. Thanks Bill!!

Re: Thanks - and seeking wisdom....

Yes, I believe both the Durant and Star have 1 3/4" external threads, you had also mentioned "pipe thread," a 1 1/2" pipe thread also has approximatly 1 3/4" OD on the thread and is also tapered, I believe our filler necks also have a higher thread count than pipe thread...Hope this clears my confusion. More later, Bill

Re: Thanks - and seeking wisdom....

You definitly have to remove the rad shell from the radiator. When you have them apart, if this is original and has not been tampered, there is a round cup ring soldered to the emblem and in the centre of this round cup is a crushable washer that holds the whole thing snug.You should be able to pry the washer out of the ring, but be careful that the emblem is held tightly to the rad shell. An alternative is to use a small torch to melt the solder and the whole thing will drop off. Then you still have to remeove the crushable washer, resolder the ring to the emblem after you have had it refurbished. I see that there is a Star Six emblem on eBay at the present. The ring is missing but you can see where it was soldered on.
Hope this helps, Gord.

To Gordon Curl:

Thanks, Gordon, for the information and advice. Can't seem to find the 26 Star Emblem you mentioned on Ebay. Could you give further directions to that opportunity? Much appreciated! Ron Hast


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