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1915 Star canvas top assembly

Looking for pics or help in assembly of the canvas roof for the restoration of a 1915 Star.
Now running, done with interior, have roof frame but stuck on fabric and correct assembly. Have no model of correct assembly or pictures.

Re: 1915 Star canvas top assembly

Helping out, had a bad translation - car is a 1923 which makes a lot more sense for this forum.

Re: 1915 Star canvas top assembly

Hi John,
Have emailed you about a dozen detailed pics of a dusty old '23 Star touring top (both inside and outside) that was in the Yuma area...Pictures were helpful when we did the top on our '23 Durant touring...I used the "Stayfast topping fabric" I found the best price at Hirch Automotive Products, they have an online catalogue...Hope this helps....By the way are you a part of this great club? More later, Bill

Re: 1915 Star canvas top assembly

Bill, is that Hirch Auto or Hirsch? ( http://www.hirschauto.com/ ) I'm thinking the latter! Would you be able to send me those photos as well? I have a '23 Star that I told you about a long time ago that is in need of a top. I'll have to get my Dad and run across the mountains sometime to meet you or, if you are in the Seattle area...

Re: 1915 Star canvas top assembly

Jeff...I have hit the forward on the PICs...Thanks for posting the correct address for Hirsch...If you are looking for the rear window Lebaronbonny.com has a varitey of sizes both in painted and polished stainless, they are nice but have a hansome price...Yes, come on over to the sunny side of the Cascades and we'll all go for a tour in the Durant.

Re: 1915 Star canvas top assembly

Thanks to Bill's great Pictures all is smiles in MN. What a great club, with members like you.
With these as reference, the winter will pass quickly working on the Star. If the webmaster has an area on your site these would be an attraction for any Touring owners.
You have gained a new member(birthday gift from me).
I'll be posting the car on the registry when we complete.
And thanks for the fabric leads. John


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