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tail lights/turn signals

I've been wanting to ask this for some time and keep forgetting. Jan's Dodge tail light and magazine article question reminded me. My 31 model 619 as most Durants has one tail light. Getting out on the road more, I am consious that many people today do not know why my arm is hanging out the window. I sure don't want to be rear ended by some nice person that thinks I am waving in the breeze. Did Durant or dealers ever provide the option of a second tail light? or even signals? I have an extra fender stem for a light and figure I could wire up signals to an add-on column lever like I have on my 58 Willys truck. The only pic I have seen of a D with 2 lights was Ray Zens green 612. I've seen front fender mounted lights that would make good signals, so they were either options or aftermarket at some point. But I am not one to cobble up a stock car with irreversible mods, so thought I'd get some input. I'd been thinking of the magnet type like tow trucks use. They'd work but don't compliment looks. Advice welcome.
Wayne Farrand

Re: tail lights/turn signals

If you check some of the Model T & Model A suppliers they have a very unobtrusive set of turn signals that will fit in between the bumper bars or anyware you like. They have red and yellow. It comes in six volts. If you do a check on the web for Snyders Model A parts they have it online in their catalog. This would solve the turn signal issue. Also they have a stop light that will fit in the rear window on a sedan. I'm not sure about a touring car. It works like the modern day 3rd stop light on today's cars. You might check it out.

Re: tail lights/turn signals

Hi Wayne........

The lights that Mike is refering to are called Rod-Lites, they are made for street rod applications.

They will fit between the bumper bars or underneath. Very small and neat appearing. They have a dual filament bulb so can also be used for running lights as well as turn signals. The are available with different color lens, most guys use the amber ones.

I do keep these items in stock. Will email you some pictures of these lights.

Frank ---

Re: tail lights/turn signals

The Deluxe Durants had two tail lights, at least in Canada. If you have the extra stalk, you can put another taillight on the right side. However, I believe there is a slight difference in the stalks, being the angle of where the stalk fits the fender. In Canada, the Deluxe cars also had the stalks and taillights chromed. The headlights were chrome, the headlight bar was also chrome. The standard cars had a painted headlight bar, painted headlight shells with chrome bezels and the tail lights had painted stalks, painted shells and chrome rings.
It is an easy job to wire the tail lights up for both signal and stop and running lights. I am sure Jan is going to give detailed instructions. I have done it may times, especially back in the 1950's when signal light switches first became readily available at your local jobbers.
On my Frontenac I also added a third light right above the rear seat and against the window. It is the most visible of all my rear lights.

Re: tail lights/turn signals

Thanks guys. All good info. Think I will go the rod light way. Maybe someday I'll collect enough stuff to make it a deluxe. Til then I wouldn't want to be halfway. I'm sure folks did a lot of things to their cars back then even, but down deep, I know mine is a plain jane and not deluxe, so that's probably the way it should stay. Inconspicuous rod lights are nothing irreversible. I have the solid bumper but I can find a good place to mount them so they won't be gaudy. I may even have some in a box someplace. The window brake light sounds great too. Anything to keep people off my tail is cheap insurance.
Thanks again, Wayne

Re: tail lights/turn signals

Wayne: here is what I will be doing in my article. I use the signal stat 500, 700 or 900 unit. This type of unit has been used for used on GMC trucks are are readily avaliable. The difference in the units is that the 500/700 is designed to have seperate turn signal, stop light and tail light. If you want the tailight to flash as a turn signal then you need the 900 series. Frank also handles a nice turn signal unit for rods and Model A. I use two trucker CB antenna brackets (look like L brackets) and mount dodge cowl lights on the bumper. You can also get lights from Frank. I add a second light on the rear of the car. If you have an open car I bend a bracket to hang the lights from and hook this over the top saddle. Works real well. I get a third brake light from JC Whitney and I have added a plug in the brake line/wire system which can be unplugged when not driving. I made two brackets to hand the third brake light. My brake light switch comes from a motorcycle.
Hope this helps.


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