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Star Automobiles

Hello everyone---I left an email message for one of the members of the club, but I thought I would go ahead and post one to the entire group. I am interested to find out what the values are of the Star Autos. Specifically, a 1923 coupe. Figure 2 condition or high 3. I had a conversation with one of the editors from Old Cars Price Guide today and they said "Buddy, you are on your own with that one" Really!

I live in Central NJ---across from the PA line. Any "chapters" for Durant/Star in NJ or PA? Anybody you can put me in touch with?

My mother in laws dad back in the 20s owned a Star, and periodically she would tell "Star" stories. Apparently they didn't have the best brakes?

My first job out of college I went to work for the Burry Biscuit Div. of the Quaker Oats Co. When I did a tour of the plant in Elizabeth, NJ, my new boss said "we do pretty well for a plant that was converted from autos to cookies" when I asked what the car was, he replied "Durant".

Looking forward to any information/help you can give me. Thanks much, Steve Goscinsky, Ringoes, NJ

Re: Star Automobiles

i almost bought a star model r coupe in the area for about 2500..he wanted 4000 but came down quick..i passed on it and later answered an ad for the man who bought it...he paid less than 2500...and wanted some absurd higher price ...5000 or something...it was not worth it...they turn up restored or almost so for 7500 or less and cost much more to restore..losing proposition....? hope this helps...see the club magazine for cars for sale...if you want a full restoration needed car for 3500 or less...let me know and i will have someone i know call you...he is in your area...gary k

Re: Star Automobiles

Your in luck with being on the East Coast. We have a great East Coast Chapter of the DMAC. Go to the Club Chapters section on the left of your screen and contact Frank Witkowski for any info needed. You can join the East Coast Chapter by sending $10.00 in check made out the the DMAC East Coast Chapter to 1421 Hampstead Terrace, Oviedo, Florida. We have a newsletter and will be having our sping get together in late April in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hope to see you there!

Re: Star Automobiles

appreciate the responses to my email. I also received a response from Frank Witowski. I should give him a call to get some more info.

I am currently taking a look at two cars advertised in Hemmings. The 1923 "Doctors Coupe" has been for sale for some time. That tells me it is overpriced. But---people in the hobby---dealers, Hemmings and Old Cars Weekly staff, etc will tell you that most of the activity is with more modern cars such as the 60s muscle cars. Regardless, all cars represent the technology of their time and are significant.

So, if anybody cares to take a look at the ads and respond it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Steve Goscinsky
Ringoes, NJ

Re: Star Automobiles

Steve I guess my first question is are you a member yet of the DMAC? There are several nice cars for sale in the clubs magazine that are much cheaper than the Doctor's Coupe for sale from the antique car dealer on Hemmings. A Doctors Coupe would be a bit rarer than what we see, if you could call them and make a sales pitch for much less then they are asking. Since they have had it so long, maybe the will come down just to move it, and with it being winter, sales I'm sure are slow. The other ad is for a touring, and it does not list the price, so I'd call and talk condition, price etc. Remember if he says it's in great condition it usually means a lot worse than that. I'll send you an email to discuss this further.

Re: Star Automobiles

appreciate the help that everyone has given me with my questions about the Star. I just printed out the application for membership, goes in the mail tomorrow AM. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Re: Star Automobiles

Steve: I would not worry about the brakes as none of these cars have what are considered good brakes. Remember three things about brakes on old cars. One they are only on two wheels, two they are on very narrow tires, and three they are on the rear of the car and the weight of the car is on the front. The star is no worse or better then other similar cars of that year. I have a model t, 23 Moon, 23 Dodge and 24 Star and none of them will stop on a dime. Do not attempt a panic stop and you are ok.

Re: Star Automobiles

Durant never made a doctors coupe. They always called it a 2 door coupe.

Re: Star Automobiles


I have been travelling and just read your post. I live in Wall, NJ, and while I own Durants, I will help if I can.



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