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wiring for ignition switch

Anyone tell me what kind of ignition switch I should use in my 1930 durant 6-14?? I have the wiring harness in the works and the guy has to know what to put in for this area. If I can find an original coil and switch I would gladly buy one . Any help would be appreciated. How many contact points should I be looking for ??

Re: wiring for ignition switch

surely someone out there has wired in a different ignition switch --can you help me out here -- I need to know how many contact points i would need and what they are for --such as -I know one wire goes to the coil -and of course one comes from the battery --but what else do I need??
I am a dummy when it comes to wiring so please --HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: wiring for ignition switch

If you have a wiring diagram you should be able to tell what goes the dashboard and switch. You also need the wiring diagram to get the correct color code. Best to have the supplier leave the wires going to the dash a little long and then cut to length after the harness is installed. Lugs should be soldered to the wires not crimped.


Re: wiring for ignition switch

Bob --thanks for the input --what I really need is info on where the wires should feed to and from the switch --the man making my harness will do it right --I am sure of this --he is using the correct wire ( color and gauge )
Thanks --Ken

Re: wiring for ignition switch

Ken I have found my Durant 1930 6-14 instruction manual which has a wiring diagram inside showing the complete electrical wiring system and the colour codes for the wires.I'm going to forward you a scan which you might have to enlarge because of the size of the manual and the fine details of the wiring. GOOD LUCK with your restoration.


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