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What type of wood used.

Could somebody please tell me what type of wood was used in the floor boards of my 1928 D65. Also any help with the demensions would be greatly appreciated as the present floor boards in my car don't seem to fit right. and Iwould think that they should be easy to remove if required.

Re: What type of wood used.

I believe the wood used was any type hard wood that was availble in the area of building the car --I have used oak in mine -but pretty pricey
I would suggest maple elm or ash .
Good luck

Re: What type of wood used.

Lawrence, I had to replace the floors in my 29 Model 60 and I used white oak, which is very available here and not too expensive. I have been very happy with it and it matches the wood that I did't need to replace very nicely.

Gary Warden

Re: What type of wood used.

Thanks for the reply I probably use maple.

Re: What type of wood used.

The most important part of this question is how was distribution of each board ( dimention, wich would be easily removed etc.)

Somebody have information, pictures or drawing to contribute for the technical section


Re: What type of wood used.

I think Ken is right any kind of wood was use and not necessarily hard wood. The floor boards are not visible.

The floor boards in my 27 Star are pine and appear to be the original boards. The floor boards are painted black. Probably the cheapest hard wood is Poplar. Actually tongue and grove boards would be the best choice so there are no cracks.

My floor boards are fasten togethar with wood strips underneath and fasten to the wood sills with flat head wood screws.


Re: What type of wood used.

Lawrence... I'm not sure about the Durant, but what Bob Porter said is very true when it comes to the Flint floorboards. Just last week I set all my original boards into position and they were all tounge and groove , painted black and attached with slotted flat head screws. I have pictures.. let me know if you want them... good luck

Re: What type of wood used.

Hello Jim yes I would like pictures if possible. Im very curious abou the tongue and grove. I'm sure my floor boards are not original and don't come close to looking as they should it seems to me they were made to be removed as required for various maintenance tasks!

Re: What type of wood used.

Lawrence... pictures are on their way. Seems to be 2 different types of tounge and groove used on my floorboards. The first is the regular type with the u-shaped channel and is connected together on the underside with stripes of wood. The other is more of an L-shape on the edges and just lay together and screw into place without any boards on the underside. Does this sound like it's the same as the Durants and Stars?

Re: What type of wood used.

Thanks Jim I'm not sure if its the same. But I am looking forward to the pictures as I would like to get it right the first time. If not totally correct at least appealing to the eye and functional is what I want.

Re: What type of wood used.

Could you send me pictures of your floor boards , i'm doing my 1928 Rugby Touring board floor and i have some doubts about configuration of each part

thanks and Happy New Year

Re: What type of wood used.

Walter.... no problem. The pictures are on the way. Hope they will be of some help. Let me know if you need more. Happy New Year to you also.


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