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Water Pump Rebuild

I need step by step advice on how to remove the water pump impeller from the shaft on my 1923 Durant. I assume it is pressed on the shaft and am concerned about cracking the housing by prying to hard. I have the water pump and shaft off the engine and discover about half of the impeller vanes are rusted away. I theorize that it could be my over heating problem. Where can I get a replacement impeller??? Does another brand (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) fit the housing and shaft. All advice welcomed and appreciated!!!

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Hi Jack, I just finished rebuilding two water pumps for my 1930 614 Durant. One pump had a end plate that bolted to the back of the pump housing, unbolt it and the impellar and shaft assembly will slide out of the housing. yes, the impellar is a press fit on the shaft. The other pump I have has a split housing, the top part bolts to the bottom half, remove it and the impellar is exposed. This impellar was pinned to the shaft, drive out the pin,(it may be tapered)and push the shaft out of impellar and housing. This one is not a press fit. I don't know what you pump looks like but it may be similar. I have a used impellar that might match yours. Can you email me a picture and sizes of impellar?

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Howdy there Jack,

I have an extra A-22 water pump that looks to be pretty good, I didn't realize how fragil that those impellars actually look...My best guess if you had to pull one of those impellars and sence the housing doesn't have a bolt on cover would be to slip a thin horse shoe between the impellar and the housing (close to the shaft), then slip a tube/pipe over the pump shaft of a proper length to reach the threaded area then reinstall the left hand nut with a washer, tighten the nut and at the same time apply a little heat to the impellar hubb(THEN PRAY)... Actually, I think it better I send you a pump...I hope all is OK down there in Houston sence the storm? Take care, Bill

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Jack, I just looked in my parts book and see that that pump shaft is THREADED into the pump impellar so disreguard the lies that I just told you, You can probably come up with a solution to hold the impellar while unscrewing the shaft...Bill

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Bill Hoaglan, Does the repair book illustrate weaher the impellar is reverse threads or regular threads?? I ask because the pulley on the opposite end is reverse threads. However, if you have a good water pump with the good impellar already on it that might be the best path. Please send it to me and I'll reply.
P.S. My mother (91) lost her house in Biloxi and my Mother in Law (89) lost her retirement home in New Orleans in Katrina. She came here to Texas to stay with us for a while. Rita missed me by 30 miles and we only lost power for a couple of days and 2 days labor picking up limbs. We are very thankful.

Jim Glover, Thanks for the good information and offer on the impellar. Looks like Bill has a complete pump assembly that I can use. If that doesn't work I'll contact you again.

Thanks, Jack Malpass

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

There is no indication in the illistrated parts book as to wheather the impellar is left or right hand thread, generaly speaking I would think that the direction of shaft rotation should keep the impellar tight on the shaft under its own torque, but for some reason this doesn't seam to hold true as the water pump drive pully turns clockwise faceing it from the front and it is a left hand thread ???
Glad to hear you escaped the brunt of the storm but sorry that your folks got caught up in it.
Your water pump was mailed out today, you should have it in a couple...Take care, Bill

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Were you able to remove the impeller from your pump. We have the same problem with our 1922 but are hesitant to apply much force to remove the impeller. We hope to make a new bushing for the driven end as it is very worn.
I would be very interested in any further developments.

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Gordon, I have not attempted to remove the impellar yet. Bill Hoaglan is sending me a water pump but it hasn't arrived yet (hollidays). When it does I hope it is much better than the one I have and can be used as is. I'll then attempt to remove the one that is worn worst and will be sure to let you know what happens.

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Super! Will be looking for your answers to the problem of removing the impeller.

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Gord, Bill,

The Durant A-22 water pump shaft is apart!!!. I clamped the shaft in a large bench vise with the impellar and housing exposed. Lubricated with PB penetrating oil for several days. Clamped a large 3" vise grip across the impellar disc and several veins that were exposed and turned counter clock wise. The end of the shaft broke off inside the impellar with very little pressure applied (very rusty). I went ahead and drilled out the center of the rusty impellar. It was threaded 3/8" - 16 NC (regular right hand thread). The impellar disc should have backed off the shaft. The other end of the shaft (pulley end) is 1/2" - 20 FINE THREAD REVERSE (Left Hand). The shaft has a key way cut in the threaded portion BUT the pulley does not have a key way. The pulley is internal threaded 1/2" Left Hand with a locking nut for adjustment.
I will be using the water pump Bill sent me but if you locate a source for the impellar I would be interested in knowing. Hope this info helps you.

Jack Malpass

Re: Water Pump Rebuild

Thanks for the info. If we can get a good impeller, Mike Butters would be able to cast one up. He already did this for another chap for a 33 Frontenac using a copy of my impeller from the 32 Frontenac.
Not sure if I want to risk breaking the shaft on our pump or not The bushing at the pulley end is the worst part of ours, and I hope to get a replacement made.


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