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1923 4 Dr. Sedan's

I showed my Car today and took (1) of 20 trophys. I was asked how many cars like mine (1923 A-22 4 Dr. Sedan) are there. Answer I do not know. So this is a question for our historian. How many of this model are around? Up and running or at least being restored.

Re: 1923 4 Dr. Sedan's

Ken thanks for sticking my toes in the fire....I'm glad you are asking about one of the older, rarer models. I have come across (ebay, rosters, etc.) 6 A-22 sedans (only one coupe) (two roadsters) no idea how many tourings. Years ago Jeff Cromeens had an A-22 sedan apart on a pallet but he has since sold a lot of cars.
In a related note, I have documented 6 B-22's on the road (all tourings) and I have parts of two more (trying to make one).
Good to hear from you Ken, see you in Canada next fall? Bob

Re: 1923 4 Dr. Sedan's

Bob, I presently have that A-22 Sedan body in my shop. It looks like it was driven for a few years and then put in dry storage. Original light blue paint, no crash damage, no previous repairs, only one tiny pin hole in the cowl down on the bottom of the right side. This would make somebody a fantastic primo sheet metal project!!
Anybody interested??

Re: 1923 4 Dr. Sedan's

Hey Bob;
We do plan on being in Canada next fall for the Tour if my Health problems do not stop us.
I forgot that J.C. Tintinger in Green Acres, Washington is the only one that I know of that has a Durant A-22 4 door Sedan his serial # is one number before mine. The last time I had any communication with him was about 8 or 9 years ago. At that time his car was up and running.

Re: 1923 4 Dr. Sedan's

Hi guys,
I am in occasional touch with CJ Tintinger, Sent him a spare IGN swich to get his sedan going a few months back, he snowbirds down to Yuma,AZ and sometimes I see him down there....Rick, would you happen to have those pictures of CJ Tintingers sedan that I sent last fall for posting? If not, I will see if I can find them and re-send....More later, Bill


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