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Durant on eBay

Say, that 1931 model 619 that's listed on eBay as a '29 666 is quite a specimen! Somebody ought to be fighting over that. It needs to get into good hands. Somebody who will fix the ding in the right rear fender and take that antennae off the cowl (looks like one), then paint the fenders black to cover the peeling right front. Sounds like I'm badmouthing, but no. That's "just a real [dern] good car". It's ALL THERE! Looks like a '31 would have looked in 1932. If whoever buys it hauls it across the country, maybe they can stop on I-80 so I can touch it. I'm not bidding as you can tell -or I wouldn't be shouting about it, but laying low trying to sneak in a low bid. But there's no secrets with the DMAC bunch. I just thought I'd mention that it's a '31.
'31 model 619

Re: Durant on eBay

I was eyeing that one myself, but the cost to transporting it here to California would be high. I wish it was on the West Coast, I'd buy it.


Re: Durant on eBay

I agree Wayne. I'm not in the position to buy it either, but it sure is nice !! By the way.....saw the photos of your 619 in the photo section and it is very impressive. If you ever get down around Burlington stop by.


Re: Durant on eBay

Yes these 619 Durant 1931 cars are a real looker with the first Durant car with an actual grill and a pointed radiator shell. Also has a chrome cowl band a real rarity on our cars. Also first Durant car with wide one-piece bumpers. Those teardrop bumper bolt/emblem’s on the back bumpers are right. Should also have one on the center front bumper. The dash and knobs are unique to this model also. Round knobs not square like the 614. this is also the first attempt to lower the car with a “double drop frame” putting the car lower to the ground. The frame is completely different than any of our other Durant cars. The battery is further aft and has real long hot battery cable. The continental 22A engine also has a different cam raising the values 65 thousands higher resulting in a 71 H.P rated engine. Also the visor is bent in closer to the body (better looking) getting ready to drop it in the future of course. A cost cutting move was they eliminated the rear quarter window regulators and now that small window is fixed in a rubber seal like the rear window. Cannot roll it down. The car also is shorter than most our late cars in 1930,31 and is only 109” wheelbase. The ID tag was moved back up on the firewall again from the floorboard area in all our 614 cars. The rear end is made by a different company and is completely different looking. Has the Midland Steeldraulic brakes exactly like the 612, 614 cars. I bought on of these totally rusted out from a non-member early 2004 from Iowa. Has been a real challenge getting it back on the road. Charlie spitz is now buying it from me. Five Durant cars are too many for my property.
BTW this model car is the Frontenac car of Canada. The difference is a bar in the center of the grill and bending the wide bumpers in the middle. Dash instruments etc, etc, etc, all the same. Later
Lance Haynes


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