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Oils to use

I have a 1929 Model 60. I'm draining and replacing all the lubricants.

Are there some good modern lubricants I should use, or is 600wt still the best?

What kind of oil do the Lovejoy shocks use?

thanks, Leonard

Re: Oils to use

600wt is still the best, there are a couple of sources listed on the Tech page under tuneup.



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Re: Oils to use

On the topic of oils. Has anyone used synthetic oil for the engine? What's everyone's thought on this?

Re: Oils to use

Hi Mike, I would think that the modern synthetic oils that are available to-day are loaded with detergents etc..

In an engine that uses pourred babbit bearings and a very inefficient by-pass oil filter, high detergent oils should be avoided.

With a good, quality non-detergent oil, the "dirt" will settle out, sit in the bottom of the oilpan and hopefully go out on an oil change. A detergent oil will keep the dirt in suspension which is tough on the bearings.

My two cents ..... RonJ

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