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List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Hi All

I'm in the process of compiling a list of Durant & Star dealerships.

I need your help ! !

Look on any literature and advertising materials you have in your collection. Any info that you can forward to me will be appreciated.

What dates did the dealer opperate, any other brands represented, the location, are they still in business?

Once I have the info compiled I will share it with all who contributed.

Either email it to me or give me a call, My number and address is listed on the East Coast Chapter contact page.

Thanks........Frank ---

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Here is one from the back cover of a 1924 issue of Durant's Standard. Rick

Sprague Motor Company
Park Street
Lewston, Maine

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank. I have a nice orange on black felt banner I bought from a fellow up in Escondido, Ca. here last year while showing our (with Charlie Spitz) Durant cars one Friday night. It says “Stapleton Motors Co.” Earl M. Stapleton owner. No address on it but the fellow said he got it out in Wyoming! I have a 6-17 Durant dealer brochure with J.M. Opper Motor Co. 2558 Farnam St. Omaha, Nebraska I can’t tell if that street spelling is right. Very light and hard to read. Also have a different 6-17 colored dealer brochure with “Division Street Garage Otto C. Bicker, Proprietor Somerville, New Jersey. Hey Charlie please go check this out. Another red and black 1931 dealer brochure for the 610 &612 cars from “Marshall & Clampett 1635 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles, Ca. So maybe Tony Burke could check this location out. I’ll keep looking for more around here for you. Later lance Haynes

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Hi Frank. Almost forgot about the 1932 calendar that is the same dates as 2005 I use. It says “Talbot Motors” New Berlin, N. Y. Phone 74. Has a picture of a man with three bird dogs on leashes and with him carrying a shotgun in a nice field. It says below the picture DURANT A Good Car. Take care. Lance Haynes

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank: The 1929 Seattle City Directory lists the Durant dealership at "Broadway at Pike" A friend of mine bought a Pontiac there in the late 70's. It now has had a facelift and it is a office building. Durant Motors of California had a office address in the "Smith Tower" a few years before that.

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

This is the closest to the Oakland factory that I know of, sadly it's a parking lot today .

E. G. Bernthal
Durant Dealer
2150 Central Avenue
Alameda, California

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Heres a few I manged to come across Frank

1. On a 1927 Star brochure Glenn C Sanders Star Sales & Service 620 Abrbco St. Montery

2. On a 1922 Durant Four brochure Peiter Auto Co. CITZ 4338 Bell M 3457

3. On a 1929 Durant Six 66 brochure W.A. Rowe Baltic Ohio Dealer

Hope these can be of some help and I am contiuning the search, good luck in your research.

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships


In all the local press coverage, related with the 10th aniversary of Fangio's dead, the argentine formula 1 driver; learned that in 1923 he has been working in the city of Balcarce, south from Buenos Aires, in a Rugby dealer shop called Carlini and that he learned there how to drive. Carlini, the owner used to drive modified Rugbies in races.



Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank, I have the original title and bill of sale for my 28 Rugby truck, sold new and lived most of its life in Baltimore Md., dealer letterhead and name includes Durant @ Star as main sales, can forward copy of both to you for your list, Francis Warwick

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank, I´will send you some banner of Ditlevsen Co. the company who imported to Argentina all Durant Cars,(Rugby included) unfortunately these company failed in 1961 and I didn't found people who knows more about it


Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank, I recently purchased 3 Durant newspaper ads with the names and addresses of several Canadian dealers. I'll forward them to you in a few days.


Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

I will be mailing you a copy of a photo of the Durant/Star/Flint Dealer in Muskegon. This photo is from a local History photo book of Muskegon in the 20's. The durant that we have came from this Auto Dealer. Hope that this will help in your project.

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships


On my 1923 Durant touring is a brass plaque rivited to the dash above the steering wheel that reads:


Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

the e bay lists a 30 durant engine which has a tag on the block - dealers name and address in pheonix Arizona

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

WOW ! !

Thanks for all the interest. There is a wealth of info out there.

One problem seems to be that a lot of literature is just stamped with the dealer name and street address, no city or state. Guess folks didn't travel too far to purchase an auto back then!

If you have any info that can help in this project please send it to me.

Thanks..........Frank ---

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Here my first of more to come. Rick

The Candler Building
127 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA

No info on the exact name.

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

For those of you who happen to find themselves at the local library, many of them have the old City Directories back to the 20's. It may be in the general section or in the genealogy section. That will list the Durant dealerships there, so you can get them to Frank.

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Frank, am sending a copy of an original invoice for my '25 STAR Touring, sold in Nova Scotia. Just noticed the one sent previously was not transmitted by my IPS

Since I do not see any way to make an attachment to this format. I will try to send the copy via usual e-mail.


Wally Macdonald

Re: List of Durant & Star Dealerships

Hi, here's a dealer from 1924 in Ireland:

w.j. cordner
henrietta street

I'm looking for pictures of a Durant four, could any one recommend a link,
I dont' want to write my email, so guess it from this:
pwright eight at lycos.com


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