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Starter is Grinding

Hello to all!
I have begun to have trouble with the starter bendix on my 1929 Model 60. About every other time, the starter makes a grinding noise instead of engaging. I release the starter pedal, wait a second and then try it again. It usually engages as it should on the next attempt, but rarely it will grind a second time.
Any suggestions? I have been using white spray lube on the bendix, but should I use something better? Perhaps the bendix is getting worn out?
Thanks to all for you input on this one. I have never rebuilt a bendix drive, but why stop now!

Re: Starter is Grinding

Hey Tony,

Before you get too far involved in rebuilding your starter drive, take a good look at your flywheel ring gear, the flywheel will usually park itself on a 6 cylinder engine in one of (I think ) three places each time the enging is shut off, therefor these spots will take a beating, check the ring gear real close and if some of the teeth are gaulded over you can often reshape them with a small die grinder, if they are really bad then you may need to replace or rotate the ring gear, hopfully this is not the case....now if the starter pinion gear doesn't look too bad offen times by simply cleaning and lubing the drive may be helpfull...Just a couple of thoughts...Bill

Re: Starter is Grinding

Hi Tony
I agree with Bill ,Had the smae problem myself.In my case it was the ring gear which I reckon is what it sounds like in your case because it grinds every second go,depending where it parks.

Re: Starter is Grinding

I have marked the flywheel and have discovered that it is stopping at the same few spots each time.
I will try using the crank to move it off of those spots and see if it stops grinding. What is the cure, move the flywheel position on the crank?

Re: Starter is Grinding

A trick we used on farm tractors was to remove the ring gear and either reverse it or rotater it so as not to stop on the same teeth.

If the teeth are beveled as on the model 60 reversing won't work but rotatiting it may do the trick.

Any good machine shop will be able to do this for you.

Sure beats searching for a new gear.

Hope this helps.............

Frank ---

Re: Starter is Grinding

Fly wheel will only fit in one position on crank. bolts are not evenly spaced, this maintains timing mark in correct position

Re: Starter is Grinding

Just a clarification on my post.

I'm not suggesting rotating the fly wheel to a different position.

The ring gear is removed from the fly wheel and it is repositioned so when the engine stops, a different section of gear is exposed to the starter drive.

This involves heating the gear and then removing it and installing it back in a different position..

Frank ---


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