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knee action shocks

Anyone know where to get rebuild kits, or rebuilt knee action shock absorbers for 1930 Durant? Will Ford units work on a Durant? Thanks, Jim

Re: knee action shocks

Get a copy of Hemmings and check out under the Services area. I'm sure someone rebuilds them.

Re: knee action shocks

Hi Jim, If the shocks you are talking about are by Monroe, there's not much inside them. Two pistons with valves that can be cleaned up, rope seal on the rocker arm shaft and a couple of welch plugs. I did mine up, they seem to be working fine and they don't leak!!

Ron ...

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Re: knee action shocks

Thanks Ron, being the curious kind, (I worked in maintenance all my working career) I took one apart and all looks good inside, no rust etc. pistons just stuck. I have new soft plugs to replace, but not sure if rope packing will seal good enough. Since you did it, is there any leaks? also, what kind of oil did you install? Jim.

Re: knee action shocks

The rope packing seems to be holding fine. There is no pressure at that point, so it's not tough to seal I guess. Had a very slight leak on one at first, but it cured itself.

For oil, I used automatic trans fluid for it's ability to withstand foaming. I disconnected the link at the end of last summer and moved the shock by hand ..... smooth with nice even resistance!


Where Are You From? www.ronjpics.com/

Re: Re: knee action shocks

Could you provide photos of shocks in situ.

Re: knee action shocks

Update on the shock repairs! I opted for a neoprene shaft seal. I couldn't find one exact size I needed, so I used a metric seal that had a good tight fit on the shaft, but the outside diameter was a bit too small, so I used some vulcanizing tape to build up the diameter and I miked it as I applied the tape to get the proper dia. The tape worked fine, as the seal was neoprene and it bonded well. I ended up with a nice tight fit and noooo leaks. Oh, I discarded the wavey spring washers, and the steel packing ring. I did reinstall the steel outer ring that fits against the shoulder of the arm and against the face of the seal. I also used transmission fluid and all shocks work fine. For the arm linkage rubber plugs, I ordered rubber rods 3/4 inch dia. 75 durometer (which turned out to be abit too large, I had to grind them down a little.) from McMaster carr.


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