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DURANT - RUGBY 1930/31 oil-pump

I´m trying to start the restoration of my above mentioned car. Pictures of the car can be seen at:


When we opened the engine CONTINENTAL W8, 4 cylinder we found that the oil pump was missing as well as one of the three metallic parts who support the CRANKSHAFT (the midle one). I apologize because I don´t know the proper name of the part.

I need to get the spare part in order to reassemble the engine an see if it works.

If is not possible to get it, I need at least the tecnical specification, and drawings to have it built.

I will appreciate verry much any help you can provide me en this matter in order to put in the near future another Durant - Rugby car on the streets.

Thanks in advance

PS. If you need pictures of the engine, let me know

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Re: DURANT - RUGBY 1930/31 oil-pump

Hello Roger,

Sorry, I don't have any W-8 engine parts but thought I would "attempt" to throw out a couple pointers...In reguard to the metallic parts that supports the crankshaft they are refered to as "main bearing caps"..Front..center..and rear main bearing caps, the cap that you are missing houses the center thrust bearing which you are probably also missing, the upper half of the bearing may still be in the block...Now, please be aware that when your engine was manufactured blank undersize caps would have been torqued in place then a line boring tool would have bored the main line and thus making each of the three caps unique to your engine...It is more than likely that a bearing cap from another W-8 would not comform to the alignment of your engine...I might suggest that you talk with an auto machine shop for your best repair...anyway, hang in there, hopfully others can give you better advice, good luck!

Re: DURANT - RUGBY 1930/31 oil-pump

Try contacting Lance Haynes " lancedurant@san.rr.com " as he recently restored a 407 and may know where to find your needed parts.


Re: DURANT - RUGBY 1930/31 oil-pump

Hi Roger. Are you a member of our great Durant Motors Automobile club? That is really a rare 30 Durant touring car. I’ve never seen one of those before. I do have an extra W8 engine I bought as a back up for my good friend and club member Charlie Spitz and buyer of the Yates 1930 Durant 407 model 4-door car. It is in storage down at my machine shop Kenyon machine here in San Diego, Ca. I could have them dig it out and pull all the main bearings out for you and the main caps and the oil pump. We noticed when we torn down the 407 I restored that the bosses in the block were all perfectly in alignment. Also the crank and all bearings rods, mains, cam, wrist pin bearings were A-OK. So I think you may be able to mike your crank and my mains and see it you can just run these mains. These engines were designed and used in our Mason trucks. The main and rod bearings are very wide and large for hard work and long life. I’m not sure what the machine shop would charge to dig the engine out of my pile of motors and Durant parts and tear out all this stuff. I’m willing to sell all this stuff to a fellow member for only $75.00. My crew can box it up and ship it all to you OK. Just let me know. Will be glad to help you out. Lance Haynes

Re: DURANT - RUGBY 1930/31 oil-pump

If you want to see what a 1930 Rugby Touring looks like all restored, go to Photographs, Past Events, Canadian Gathering 2004. There is a great picture of Reg Bent's 1930 Touring. It was also an Argentina Car that was imported back to Canada quite a few years ago and Reg did a super job of restoration. The first time it was on the road after restoration was for the Durant meet in Fremont, Nebraska. If you really want to see the car, come to the Durant Gathering July 1 - 3/05 in Carlisle, Ontario. The meet is held at Reg's estate.


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