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1923 Durant on E-bay

Sunday surfing has come up with another item of interst to some member. Currently on E-bay a 1923 Durant described as a rolling chassis, has a 4cyl motor, cowl, dash, and some other parts included. It is located in Paso Robles Califronia and the item # is 4546872937. maybe someone can save another one, good luck to all who bid.

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

The rolling chassis being sold is definatly not a 1923 Durant which would be an A or a B-22, However, setting on the right side of the car being sold looks to be an A-22 sedan with disc wheels, but I can't be for certain...Anyway, Bill

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

That's a '28-29, Durabt chassis

The car next to it is a REO, its listed in sellers other auctions.

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

Frank is right..... I emailed the seller yesterday. No response as of yet....


Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

Sure glad there are people out there who really know these vehicles and can set others straight on what it is that they really have. Again great detective work fellow members and I hope the seller makes the corrections. Still hope some member can reserect these vehicles.

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

Frank and Yates, can you guys tell if that is a coupe cowl or a roadster? I see that it appears to have the wire wheels. are they worth anything?

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

Hi Gary....

The cowl and windshield pillars make it a closed car, either a coupe or sedan.

Can't really see the wheels very well, but the front drivers side looks like a wood spoke one to me.

Frank ---

Re: 1923 Durant on E-bay

The car to the left in the pictures is a 1929 Durant model 60 with a 14L 6-cylinder open flywheel engine. The grill shell of course is 1928 and 29 Durant only and the white ‘D” in the radiator emblem makes it a 29. It does have wood spoked wheels making it a standard car. The headlights are wrong for this car. Not much left of the poor old car. Later Lance


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