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??? If a condenser is bad would it be a cause for the Engine not to start? It is either the Condenser or Coil. Based on tests that have been done. Haven't changed either yet.

Re: Condenser's

The job of the condensor is to keep the points from being erroded by the current flow.

If it is shorted out will definitely keep the car from running.

If it is open the points will wear out faster or actually weld together.

Disconnect it and see if you now have spark, if you do replace the condensor. Use a new one not something that has been sitting around for years even though it has not been used.

The coil is easy to check. Remove the distributor cap and rotor. Turn the engine over till the points open. Now turn on the ignition, hold the coil wire near the block and use a screw driver to short out the points. If you get a spark the coil is ok.


Hope this helps..........Frank ---

Re: Condenser's

Some coils won't produce an arc without a condenser to speed up the collapse of the magnetic field Frank.

It's not often a condenser fails, but if you suspect it, replace it. Not a pricey item.

If you want to test a condenser, charge it up using a good coil, then give it to the wife to hold the case and the terminal. If she drops it, it's OK!!!! If she drops you, it's really OK ....LOL!!!

Ron ...

Where Are You From? www.ronjpics.com/durant

Re: Condenser's

Ken...If your 1923 A-22 still has the original type coil it is shaped like a small mail box and is mounted on the top of your generator with two screws, it has an external resistor and an integral condensor (condensor built into the coil)...Click on the A-22 wiring diagram in our tec page for (Durant four cyl 22-24)...It appears that in the 1925 A-22 diagram that the condensor was then put back into the distributor...This had me a little confused when I went back to an original coil on my A-22...Good luck, Bill

Re: Condenser's

Thanks Guys,
I have replaced the Condenser, and will be replacing the Coil this week sometime. My coil that I am replacing is the Original and is being replaced with one that I purchase (thanks to Bob Smith) with a new original stock after market, designed to match the Original bread box. My Original has been on the car for 82 years. Looks like Auto-Light made good Electrical equipment. I did find a Wire from the Coil to the distributor loose but not off of the distributor. I hope this wasn't my problem, will test before changing Coil. In my original test on coil to Distributor I got no spark from coil wire.


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