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1918 Duarnt Radiator Emblem

Currently posted on E-Bay a mint condition 1918 Durant Automobile Radiator Emblem as found new in a package, item # 6519856654 Someone in the club should verify that this is the real thing and if not make all bidders aware. Good Luck on bidding if this item is original

Re: 1918 Duarnt Radiator Emblem

Hi Steve.
First of all thanks for joining up with our club. Do appreciate all you new members. This emblem has shown up a few other times on E-bay and looks like the real thing but Jeff Gillis (founder of the old DFR) never displayed one in his emblem display that we all thought was a complete collection and I know our club historian Bob Smith out in Flushing Meadows Mi. bought this very same designed emblem and paid around $500.00 + for his and another was bought by a non member that I have been in contact with but we could not work out a deal to get it for our club. I also have never seen this emblem on a Durant made car yet. I’ve put a very large bid in on this one hoping to get it and make it available to our complete club. My theory is that this was made up in limited amounts before the cars were done and they elected to go with the Durant emblem inside this design that we see on all early Durant cars. The date mentioned 1918 on this E-bay listing I think is for the cup on the back and this cup probably is a universal type used on other cars and so has it’s own patent date on it presiding our Durant line of cars. Also our man William C. Durant was the president of G.M. still and very busy running his corporation until the bankers grabbed it from him late 1920. I sure like the design of this unit. It is very attractive. Lance Haynes

Re: 1918 Duarnt Radiator Emblem

Lance: Thats a wonderful bit of Durant history you just gave to club members and I hope that you or a fellow Club member have success in rescueing this historial Durant item. As a new member I have very much enjoyed speaking with all that I have contact with so far and I'm sure the rest of you are just as friendly and willing to share. If you have not read I reply I sent to Mike Linthicum about his book research, I too am currently doing research on Dominion Motors and Frontenacs ( kinda the Canadian connection )any and all information or details are welcomed. I will continue to post any tid bits of interst I come across for the pleasure of all members.

Re: 1918 Duarnt Radiator Emblem

Lance I was sure your bid of $500 would have taken it. Sorry to see that you were out bid, I do hope it whent to a fellow club member so it will always remain within site of the Durant Motors Automobile Culb Membership.


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